My father says that almost the whole world is asleep...

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The Darkness is Rising Again
pain: love it. B[
fastaskenyans wrote in thewakelogs

Who: Wally and EVERYONE EVER [Open]
What: The ALL ALONE nightmare
Where: Wally’s brain. He has a brain?
When: Saturday night
Warnings: tl;dr and angst? Idk
Notes: Tags will take place at the end of the nightmare. They can be all in one giant thread or separate ones or a mix of them- it doesn’t matter to me! But seriously, if you have any CR with this kid, JUMP ON IN HERE. The more people the better! What am I doing I can barely keep up with tags as is.

It isn’t apparent, at first, that there is anything to observe at all. It is simply dark. Very dark, and very quiet. Too much of either to be in any way natural. Shadows dance and swarm like flies, but it’s the feeling of them that lingers. It’s oppressive and consuming. No, it isn’t the quiet stillness of sleep, but rather

a cavernous wasteland, absorbing body, mind, and soul, drowning out any yelp or sounds of fear or pain

In the thick of it, struggling to break free, to be seen and heard is Wally. It seems a darkness with which he is familiar, and one he dreads. The observer might gather a general impression of his thoughts- his panic. Nonononono, not here again not here again I can’t stay here I can’t be alone I can’t become nothing. Through the grip and weight of the shadows, he struggles, and after what certainly feels like a long time, there’s a push and Wally manages to tear himself free



Free! Out! Wally kneels on the ground, holding himself up with shaking arms and taking in labored, gasping breaths, chasing away the lingering feeling of shadows ripping apart his very being. No. Rip promised he would never go back to that nightmare. Thank god for Rip. He could really use her company right now. Climbing unsteadily to his feet, Wally makes his way to the Opera House to find her.

It’s empty.

She’s been gone a long time, his mind supplies, and his heart clenches in his chest because he knows it’s true. What did she have here to stay for?

All the places she’d moved and he’d followed her- empty. Quiet.

It wasn’t the same kind as that black wasteland of shadow and pain and fear. No, his footsteps echoed quite loudly. But the only sounds he could hear came from him. That wasn’t normal. Where were all the sounds of people that should be here? Where were the pe-

Oh no.

Wally runs into the nearest building, calling for anyone who might hear. Empty. The next. Empty. The next and next and next and next and they are all empty empty empty. Holiday’s house, which should be full of noise and life- is empty and barren, just like the T-Tower had been when the last of his team had gone. Gone gone gone gone everyone was gone? No. He refused to believe it. Heart-beat somehow audible in the dream, Wally runs to the museum, but when he gets there, the building is gone, and in its place is one unremarkable and white and plain and just like those in Nautilus before anyone had been called to Wake.

No. This is his home! It couldn’t- Something has to be left. He turns on his heel and runs and to the dream it feels fast, but it’s slow enough to see all the buildings and things in the city fading fading fading fast and everything is white and gone and that was where America’s burger tree was supposed to be, gone, and that was where Tony’s mansion stood proud and unconcerned, gone, and that was where the school had been and the cherry tree he’d grown with Madotsuki, both gone, and there, where he’d built bumper cars for Canada’s birthday, there, where he’d eaten beignets with Gambit, there, where he’d trained with Danny and Six, there, where Danny had first asked about his powers, and…. And he can’t tell what went where anymore because every landmark and everything and everyone he’d come to know is gone. And no matter how hard he looks or how many times he calls for dozens of his friends by name, there’s no one and nothing left to answer.

Running purely on muscle memory, his feet guide him to the memorial that so many people had come together to build. It stands, still, in the distance, crystals glittering like a beacon. Something familiar! Something he can touch and know that he helped build- something to see and remember the hearts and minds of all who should be here now but aren’t.

But the closer he gets, the less clear it becomes, and with a start, he realizes it’s fading too, disappearing into nothing. No! NO!

“WAIT,” he shouts, and his voice holds an unmistakable desperation. The crystals are crumbling like his strength and he run run runs to salvage something, anything before it’s too late. But little good it does. By the time he reaches the memorial, the branches are crumbling into the wind and the water has dried up and only one crystal remains. It’s red. And he knows without a doubt whose it is and oh god he can’t let it disappear, it’s the only thing he has left to remember-

He leaps for the crystal and grabs it, clenching it in his hand. His heart is hammering so hard it hurts but the relief at having at least one thing left to make him not so very alone is so strong that he doesn’t care. But as this is a nightmare, that relief does not last, because the once vibrant crystal has started to turn pale and cold.

Nononono, not him too. You can’t- You can’t take him away! I’ve already lost him once. Let me have this! Wait. WAIT, DAMNIT!” DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE. But Nautilus is as cold and unforgiving as the lifeless stone in his hand. It crumbles into dust and catches in a sudden and violent wind, leaving Wally grasping at the air in vain.

“Wait,” he chokes, suddenly and violently aware that he has lost everything. Everyone is gone. Everyone has left. Even the city has abandoned him. What little strength he has left leaves him and he crumples to the ground with a strangled whimper.

He’s alone.

With no one left and nothing to remember them by.


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“Wally.” It was a familiar voice, not quite questioning---not yet. Its inflection marked the two syllables as a speaker’s effort to secure attention, but spread into clear curiousity… and a calm concern. “I’ll have to hope you hear me.”

V stood several steps away, little more than a smiling silhouette; black on white on black against the blank their city had become. He stood straight, as if he ought to be where he was, waiting to be answered or ignored. No Exit had him almost expecting the latter, since the irony of needing to be both heard and seen when in all envisioned eventualities he could have contented himself in isolation seemed to ensure it, but the situation seemed strange enough (surreal enough, a small part of the actor was already aware) he dared to doubt.

What is he going to do now, Wally wonders. What can he do now? There isn't anything except a dead city and white and him. Alone and he hates it. He can't help the feelings of betrayal either, though he's not sure who he feels betrayed by. His friends for leaving? The City, for letting or making them? Himself, for not expecting it and believing the promises of others?

He's unable to move, and unable to hear V at all. The only change in his demeanor is that now, instead of panic, he seems to be sinking into an accepting despair.

Oh, no. The doubt that had been hope fell in itself, and the hollow feeling left in his chest forced a sliver of Sartre to mind: ‘Alors, c’est ça l’enfer. Je n'aurais jamais cru…’

V could’ve cursed the character quoted, but the thought to never occurred.


He started forward a second after speaking, closing the distance quickly and stopping to crouch opposite the youth. Another second passed, in silence; V spent it staring, scrutinizing, before reaching out to set a hand on Wally’s shoulder.

He was always accurate. ‘There is no need for torture: Hell is other people.’

Even apart.

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A sympathetic shudder ran through Sanji, as the nightmare began. He was still fairly shaken up over his own nightmare that he'd had earlier, after all. Those were memories he didn't like revisiting. For a moment, he thought he might have been having that nightmare again, but after a moment, he realized that this nightmare was too different. He could feel a panic over being stranded and alone that wasn't his own. Frowning, he turned in a circle, trying to gauge where that fear was coming from.

He hears a voice, faint, but desperately calling out for someone... anyone... He knew that desperation; relived it only a few days ago. His heart lurched in his chest and he was at a dead run towards that voice before he realized it. This place was blank, and featureless, but he still ran, trying to spot the owner of the voice he heard.

"Oooooooooiiiii! Is there anybody out there?! Where are you?!"

Wally sat, curled in on himself. It was still to quiet. Would talking to himself to fill the noise make him crazy? What would it matter if it did- it wasn't like there was anyone else here to see him.

Oooooooooiiiii! Is there anybody out there?! Where are you?!

Wally's head snapped up, eyes scanning the horizon. He didn't see anything. See? he was even hearing things now. Was that better or worse than talking to himself?

"Great. Hearing things too," he muttered.

...Well, that solved that dilemma. He was hearing things and talking to himself. Definitely going crazy.

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So much nothing... Sanji didn't know what direction he was running in, if he was even making any progress at ALL. He could be running UP, for all he knew. He had heard a voice, though... he was certain of that! He kept running, head turning from side to side, anxiously scanning the horizon.

He skidded to a halt when he saw a small shape off to his left. He jogged over to the form, slowing as he approached.

...It was that kid. The one he'd come to help cook soup for, when he was sick. The one that had helped him through his nightmare. What was his name again...? ...Wally. His name was Wally.

Sanji wasn't too used to comforting men, but there was no one else here, and the kid had helped him, after all. Stuffing his hands into his pockets, he closed the distance between them, adopting a comforting smile onto his face. He tried to keep his tone as light and casual as he could make it, so as to not add more stress to the situation.

"Oi, kid... How'd you get into a place like this? Got any idea where we are? Let's find a way back home, huh?"

Haha, sorry if this sounds weird. I'm trying to make it sound like dream logic somewhat.

Caesar stares at the memorial. The one he had been avoiding. They aren't dead. It's still somehow impossible. But it's real.

His eyes widen as it crumbles, and he backs away. None of the crystals are his, the memorial has no record of his parents. It still takes his breath away. He can't stop it. Caesar can only watch.

Wally's there. Caesar watches in confusion. Oh. Wally's upset. Of course he'd be--he made it, didn't it? The memorial is gone, and Wally's trying to save a crystal. It crumbles too, and then the boy crumples to the ground.

Caesar walks towards him and crouches next to the boy. He doesn't say a word. Doesn't really understand what's going on. The man just reaches over to try to rub the young man's back.


dream logic is a fine logic indeed

Wally isn't at all aware of Caesar until the second his hand makes contact. He jolts, whipping around fast, eyes wide.

"Caesar?" he manages to ask, not quite convinced that the other is there. But he'd felt his hand... Wally reaches forward and grips Caesar's arm, curling his fingers in the very tangible and real and there fabric of his sleeve.

He opens his mouth, but can't really get any words out past the lump in his throat.

Caesar just blinks when Wally jumps out of his skin. He nods in response to his name, letting Wally grip at the fabric of his sleeve. Wally was upset, and Caesar knew he needed to be with someone.

"I'm here," he responded gently, letting his one sleeve still be held as he touched Wally's shoulder with his free hand.

"How are you here? Everyone-" Left. Went to Sleep and left because they couldn't be bothered to stay. Or were forcibly taken by Nautilus or another force. Neither idea was appealing.

I am seriously LOLing at this reply.

"I walked," Caesar replies in confusion, his brows furrowing. "How else would I get here?"

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Wally gapes at Caesar, confusion. "From where? Everyone is gone! No one was here but me!" Maybe- maybe he just... missed something! Maybe everyone was in Helix! Maybe, maybe, maybe they were all still here.

"From Holiday's house?" Caesar sounded increasingly confused, mostly because he was; he glanced around. "Everyone's gone?"

He was missing the point of this being a nightmare, quite obviously.

Sitting in her own lonely gray void, Dana heard Wally's shouting. A lot of the nightmares she'd glimpsed, there was very little she could do for, but for Wally, it would be easy enough to help comfort. Her method of pulling him out of the nightmare, though, wouldn't really work, not when the isolation was the nightmare.

She appears beside Wally and takes his hand. "Wally, you're not alone, you didn't lose them." She pulls a crystal out of her pocket- the one she'd been working on for Warren McGinnis, before she decided that she didn't know enough about him to properly complete it. "See? This one's fine. The others are, too. There's always backups so they'll never be lost." Which wasn't quite true, but this was a dream, and what was true mattered less than what the dreamer believed was true.

Wally blinks, suddenly aware of the hand grasping his. It's such a small hand, he notes, and he's somehow aware of every line on it. It takes him a moment to register a voice speaking, and even longer to register whose. He blinks again and brings his eyes up, and it's Dana and that does not surprise him.

His eyes travel to the crystal she shows him and he swallows thickly, remembering the dust Barry's crystal had become. "Then where are they?" He didn't make any backups, he knew. And dream-logic somehow made him certain he couldn't bend more.

"...Wally?" No sir. Wally was close to his age, or the equivalent thereof; and Jetstorm saw him more as a companion, a friend than an elder or superior. He stepped closer, mindful of the size difference as he knelt by the speedster, reaching out to rest a hand on his shoulder. Well, the ends of his fingers more than anything, a light careful touch, but it was there.

And at this point someone being there was what Wally needed. The contact made him jump a little, and he turned sharply to find out where it came from. Jetstorm.

"How did you- when did- What-

Everyone was gone..." Wally had no idea how Jetstorm got there, but he knew he'd never been happier to see the bot.

The mech offered him a small smile at this, trying to be reassuring.

"I am not being gone though." Careful still, he gives Wally's shoulder a careful rub. He knows what it feels like, this kind of nightmare, and he definitely feels for the kid.

Danny watched in horror as all of Nautilus disappeared around him, but he couldn't find his voice to call out to Wally. I'm here, he wanted to scream, Wally, don't be afraid, I'm right here!

Had the blackness swallowed him, too?

Danny began to fight, tugging at the heavy nothing that covered him, trying to find his way back to his friend.

*sneaks in last minute*

Tears streamed down her cheeks. She couldn't explain how, but she'd seen it all. She hadn't been floating; she'd have been there to answer if she'd been floating. She hadn't been moving at all, and yet she'd moved with him, there without really being there.

And then something changed. She realized she was there, truly there, and without hesitation she stepped up before the boy she'd only recently, really met, and went to her knees before him.

"Wally." Only once she's sure he's aware of her will she reach to hug him, clinging to him to comfort and reassure. He's not alone...

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