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Twisted Memories [open]
spiral_brow wrote in thewakelogs
Who: Sanji + open to all
What: it's nightmare time!
When: Night of the 12th.
Where: Physically, Sanji's room in the Southern Welcome House. Mentally, somewhere Sanji really doesn't wanna be
Notes: The stuff before the dream isn't broadcast in any way to the Network; I'd appreciate it if no one popping in on Sanji during any of those moments, thanks. ^.^ In the dream, however, feel free to pop in whenever and wherever you see fit. :3 I've no set direction for any of these dreams, so I'll just be going with the flow. The nightmare will sort of 'reset' itself (kind of) at the start of each individual thread; eg: he won't remember or bring in anything that's happened in the threads above. That is, unless we decide to merge two threads into one, or someone 'hijacks' themselves into a lower thread, or whatever. XD Gonna play fast and loose with this, I think, and see where it goes. Warnings for language/angst? Also, warning for NPC character death. c__c;; eta: Totally fine with backtagging this, as long as people wanna backtag. :D

- * - * - * -

Sanji had woken up in a bit of a panic from experiencing Dana's nightmare. He had no idea what it actually was, so he chalked it up as a nightmare of his own. He was still concerned about Dana, though. He had called her around noon, to make sure she was okay. He was greatly relieved to hear her voice, and her assurance that everything had just been a nightmare. He was confused as to how they had seemed to have the same nightmare, at roughly the same time... but his mind was starting to fill with too many other worries to focus on that.

He had busied himself throughout the day by cooking lots of food for long-term storage. With this 'Dark Aeon' approaching, and Bending near-impossible, it was best to be prepared. He'd filled the Southern Welcome House's fridge with all manner of healthy foods, the easily-frozen-and-reheated stuff going into the freezer. Even without Bending, he would make sure that no one in this city ever went hungry. There was a battle looming, and everyone needed to be at full-strength when it happened. A healthy army was a strong army - both physically and mentally. He'd be damned if he couldn't fulfil his duties.

After that, he had gone to the small training ground behind the Welcome House, and went through a strenuous training regiment. He had started with long, slow stretches, gradually limbering up his body. Once he was sufficiently warmed up, he had pulled off a few snappy kicks, which quickly morphed into longer, more complex maneuvers. He still wasn't near his full-strength yet, and it frustrated him. In fact, he could have sworn he'd even slipped backwards in terms of strength. What the hell..?! He needed to be strong, he needed to be able to fight. He poured more effort into his katas, nearly flying through the air at some points, landing heavy blows against the wooden posts.

All that effort eventually drained him, and after a quick supper, Sanji headed to his room for bed. His mind was already going over everything he'd prepared that day, how long each would last, and what else he could make that could last. He collapsed into his bed, and was asleep within moments.

There's a rock, out in the middle of the ocean. A large column of rock, reaching a good number of feet into the sky, looking a little like a flattened mushroom, the sides eroded away by the waves. It would be possible to climb down, albeit very, very carefully... but utterly impossible to climb back up. Absolutely nothing else surrounded the rock, except miles upon miles of empty, unbroken sea.

A small body jolts awake with a start, sitting up sharply. Wide eyes take in his surroundings, skinny arms shaking in the attempt to keep himself propped upright. His breathing is harsh, the small chef's jacket he's wearing worn and threadbare, hanging loosely on his gaunt frame. His sunken, hollow cheeks add to the haunted expression, and he swallows thickly, biting his chapped lip to hold back scared, frustrated tears.

"no... NO! This can't be! It can't be! It can't have been all a dream!" he cries out frantically. "They couldn't have all been a dream. Not my nakama! Not everything! We got off this... we got off this...!"

He sniffles, and rubs an arm across his grubby face. "It can't have all been a dream! That's not fair! My life... East Blue... Nautilus... My nakama! I didn't just dream that all up... dream them all up! I didn't! No... no..."

His voice is cracking, however, and thick with unshed tears... as he's starting to doubt everything now, believing it to be a hallucination brought on by starvation.

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This is an awfully weird rock. How did he even get here, anyway? Wally walked around, not too concerned. Wasn't like he couldn't just run over the water to find the nearest place anyway. But something about it gave him a weird vibe- like he should be looking for something.

And after a very little bit of wandering, (it really wasn't that big a rock, he definitely found something.

"Hey," he says, quiet enough to hopefully not startle, but loud enough to be heard. The closer he gets, the smaller the boy looks, and the more he realizes something is wrong.

Sanji was startled at the sound of the voice, heartrate jumping. He stared at Wally, not quite ready to believe what he was seeing.

"H-how... how'd you get here? I thought it was all a dream..."

He then squeezed his eyes shut in frustration, fisting his hands into his hair. "No! No, it is a dream! The hunger's making me hallu- halla-... I'm seeing things! You're not real! None of it was real!" he wailed.

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And as soon as the boy jumped, Wally saw him as he was- small and alone and emaciated. His heart twisted in his chest, because the boy was so familiar and so small. Seeing anyone suffer bothered Wally, but a child? That was the worst.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I feel pretty real to me," Wally said, tone much lighter than he was feeling right now. The kid needed something to calm him down. "I mean, you can pinch me if you think it'd help." He offered up his arm, giving the boy a lopsided smile.

Warily, Sanji approached, reaching out with one small, shaky hand to touch his wrist. That light touch soon turned into a firm grip, his body starting to tremble with relief. Were they actually saved? "You're real... you're real!"

He simultaneously felt as if his legs were going to give out, and that he would jump for joy. "You're here to rescue us! We're saved!" This wasn't going as he remembered it, but no matter. The elated smile faded as he scanned the area, a new worry starting to take hold of him. "Where is he? Where's the old geezer?" He took a step away, but still held onto Wally's wrist, a little too afraid to let go of this person, in case they vanished on him the moment he let go.

"I'm definitely real." He noted the mention of another with mild alarm. There was someone else here? "Didn't see anyone, but we can always look. But first things first." He pivoted on his heel, slipping both hands under Sanji's arms and scooping up the child all too easily and swinging him into a bridal totally-normal-and-effective-way-to-carry-a-starving-child carry.

"Alright, eat while we walk. Who're we looking for?"

Because yes, a large cup of water and a gigantic sandwich had just appeared in Sanji's hands (go Bending!). This way they could look, Sanji could eat, and he would have constant contact to reassure him that Wally wasn't going anywhere.

At first, Sanji's blood ran cold. 'No other person'? Zeff couldn't have disappeared... he couldn't have! He'd saved his life... there was no way he'd somehow been rescued, and left him behind, was there? Or... did he slip, and fall into the water? Either possibility sent a wave of dread through him, and he shuddered. "The old geezer..." he managed to shakily get out. "The old geezer... He's supposed to be on the other side of this rock." No, wait... hadn't he already gone over to Zeff's side? Realized all he'd done for him?

And then, eyes wide with surprise, he found himself being scooped up into the -- stranger? No... he looked familiar. Where had he met this guy, before? -- boy's arms. A bit of stubborn pride flared up in him, and he started to squirm a little, albeit very weakly.

"Oi, oi! Put me down! I can walk..." he started to protest, then the words died in his throat as suddenly a cup of water and a sandwich were in his hands. He had no idea how they got there, and a part of him knew he shouldn't eat so quickly, otherwise everything he ate would just come right back up... but he couldn't help himself. Desperately he clutched at the sandwich, scarfing it down like a madman. The sandwich was gone within moments, and Sanji moved to the water next, taking a few healthy gulps. His stomach ached with eating so fast, and tears burned in the corners of his eyes, but it felt so good to have food again!

"Sure you can, shortstuff, I can just walk faste- whoa, whoa, slow down!" Man, it felt weird telling anyone to slow down. "I can make plenty of food, but if you eat too much too fast, you're gonna make yourself sick."

Still, that didn't stop Wally from Bending more water into the cup, poor kid. (And wondering, if only briefly, how he could Bend at all, if this weren't Nautilus. Or maybe it was Nautilus and a new island had appeared...somehow? He started walking to the other side of the rock, keeping his eyes peeled for anyone else.

"My name's Sanji, not shortstuff," he huffed. Even starving, alone and scared, Sanji still had his pride. Well, what little was left of it, he clung to stubbornly. He groaned a little, one hand letting go of the cup to rub his tummy. It hurt, but he struggled to keep it down. It was just a simple sandwich, but to him, it was ambrosia. He took another deep gulp of water, then tried to sit up a little as they came around to the other side of the rock.

His heart skipped a beat at first, not seeing Zeff's form. HAD he fallen into the ocean below? HAD he left on a ship without him? No, no... he couldn't have! He couldn't have left him like that! He was here... he had to be! He just wasn't LOOKING hard enough! He had been too distracted with the arrival of this person, and then the food...

...the FOOD! If this guy had food for him, then he could have food for Zeff, too! They'd both be rescued, and safe, and not be hungry anymore! Everything would be better, now! Ah, there he was! Sitting on the edge of the rock, just as he should be. Strange, he could have sworn he wasn't there a moment ago... Sanji struggled to be put down, wanting - needing - to run over to Zeff and make sure everything was okay.

"Old geezer! Old man... everything's okay, now! This guy here... he's gonna save us! We're gonna be okay! .... OY! Do you hear me, old man?!"

His heart was pounding rapidly, but... that was just the excitement of getting off the rock, right...?

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Jendayi opened her eyes. The sky was blue, the air damp and salty. Where was she? Sitting up she looks around, noting first the rock, then the endless expanse of sea. She can't deny she's getting a bit scared....but finally she spots another person.

He be in horrible condition, and rather upset. She hesitates, not sure if she should bother him or not. Finally she plucks up the courage to speak up. "Hello?"

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Sanji jumped up in surprise at the sound of that voice, whirling about as he tried to find its source. His eyes widened, and his jaw dropped as he looked at Jeyandi. A kid, like himself. Who was she? Were they rescued? How did she get here? He couldn't see any boats... Her hair, though not really RARE in his world... and her ears...

"Are... are you a water sprite...?" he asked, a little cautiously, a little in awe.

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"Water sprite?" She shakes her head. "No. I'm just a girl. My name's Jendayi."

She looked around again, noticing how...trapped they were. She couldn't help but edge a little closer, Seeing nothing but water was unnerving. "Where are we?"

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Sanji took a few wary steps towards her as well. As confusing as the ears were, she was human, and she was here, which meant... Even though he didn't see it earlier, and still couldn't...

"I... I'm Sanji," he replied. "Where's your ship? Is your ship anywhere near? Have you come to rescue us?" He frowned and shook his head a little. "We're on a rock in the middle of the ocean... I've been stuck here for weeks! Please tell me you came on a ship! Or... or something!"

"Ship?" She looks around, his words slowly sinking in...his words coupled with how thin and starved he looks. "I-I...I don't know how I got here." Her voice is thick with tears held in check. "I-I'm sorry."

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Oh, great, Sanji... way to scare the little girl! He bit his lip, guilt welling up inside him. This wasn't right! A gentleman doesn't make a lady cry (but wait, he's a kid, so... where did that come from...?). Still, she was obviously scared, and now trapped on this island like he was... and as the (older?) man, it was his responsibility to be strong.

Sanji puffed himself up a little, and pushed what he hoped was a comforting grin to his face. "It's okay... it'll be okay! Any day now... I'm sure! Any day now, a ship'll come by, and we'll all be saved! You'll see! I've had to wait a long time, so a ship has to be coming soon...!"

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His confidence made it easier to swallow back the tears, but she still needed something more. And so, after only just a moment of hesitation, she closed the rest of the distance between herself and the boy, slipping her arms around him for a comforting hug.

"R-right. One has to come soon."

Skinny little arms awkwardly, shyly wrapped around her in turn, then tightened their hold as Sanji hugged her back, rocking faintly from side to side to try and comfort her. "Y-yeah! The old geezer and me... A boat'll come soon, and rescue us off this rock... and we'll all be saved!"

Wait... that wasn't just hopeful chatter... How did he know that...? Something wasn't adding up, here...

Old geezer? Was there someone else here too? Jendayi couldn't quite bring herself to let go enough to look. Instead she hugged a little tighter. He sounded so sure now, and it helped to calm her.

"I'm Jendayi," she said after a moment. Something needed to be said, something other than where they were or the likelihood of help.

"I'm Sanji..." he said, though his tone and expression were now thoughtful, and a little confused. He KNEW a ship was coming. It wasn't just hopeful wishing... he knew it was coming. He knew they would be rescued. Him, and Zeff, and... how did he know that? The ocean surrounding the rock started to fade into a white mist, and the dream started to fade.

"A boat'll come, and rescue me and the old geezer," he murmured. "Then he'll build a ship... the Baratie... and we'll have the first restaurant on the ocean, and..."

...And he'd lived this all before. This was a ... memory, or something. A dream? "Am I dreaming...? This... this has all happened already."

Dreaming? Was he dreaming? Or was she dreaming? She wasn't sure anymore. Or maybe...wait. Where was she? Last she knew she was....


"I...think so? Maybe. But....why would I be in your dreams? I don't know I?"

"Ahh... yes. I mean, yes, I think it's a dream. I don't think I know you, though... I was... I was..." He paused, pressing a hand to his forehead. "This happened... long ago. The last thing I remember... that should be real... was... was... I was getting ready for bed, I was... not home. I was... in Nautilus, and..."

Nautilus! The moment he remembered that, the rest of the dream ocean faded away, leaving the two in a blank, misty void. Sanji was an adult again, Jeyandi propped up carefully on one arm. Blinking, then blushing faintly, Sanji gently set her down. "Ahh... my apologies, little lady. I hope I didn't scare you. Not with my... abrupt change... nor my nightmare." He glanced around at their surroundings. "I guess I'm waking up? I don't know how you got into my dream. Maybe the city's having another of its damned storms..." he said, the last bit muttered softly.

Jendayi was surprised by the sudden change, but not upset by it. It was...almost comforting to know she was dreaming...or was she in someone else’s dream? It’s hard to tell, though she’s pretty sure this is his dream. She shakes her head. “I’m okay.”

She looked around as she spoke, a small hand subconsciously finding the hem of Sanji’s shirt, just for something grounding to hold onto in this odd black between dream and awake. “I don’t know either. But....maybe we’ll meet in Nautilus now.” She turned back with a smile.

When he felt Jendayi's hand grip his shirt, he looked down at her, offering her a gentle smile. He then crouched, so she didn't have to strain her neck to look up at him. "I would be very happy to meet you in Nautilus, Miss Jendayi. Where do you normally stay while you're in Nautilus? I'm at the Southern Welcome House at the moment, but I had been working on fixing up a place in the East."

Even this was starting to get fuzzy, now... the not-quite-real sensation when you KNOW you're dreaming, and about to wake up.

I think that's a wrap. =D

"In the North, Ground Zero by the Medbay." She stepped into hug him even as the strange world around them continued to fade. She could feel him fading in her arms, and soon she was waking.

This city was so weird...

[Sanji rested a hand lightly on her shoulder; he could barely feel it, fading under his touch even as he spoke.]

I know that place... Maybe I'll come by at some point. Or, when my restaurant is finished in the east, you can come by, and I'll make you the most delicious treats...

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