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Another year... younger? [backdated to the 2nd]
smoking is cool...
spiral_brow wrote in thewakelogs
Who: Sanji
What: Sanji reflects on his 1st birthday in Nautilus.
Where: Eastern District - Sanji's crumbling tower
When: March 2nd
Notes: Intended as a one-shot, but if you want to wander by, feel free. :)

Sanji found himself sitting out on the lower tier's roof, leaning back against the thinner tower's wall, looking out to sea. While the day was cloudy, the weather was better here than it was currently in the south. All his belongings were still in his room at the Southern Welcome House; there was no point in moving them here until this place was actually repaired. True, he could easily have stayed inside, but Sanji wanted to be near the water, today. A sketchbook rested on his lap, a few - very messy - building plans scribbled onto its pages. It was currently ignored, though, as Sanji watched the waves roll in.

This was the first time he could remember being alone for his birthday. Not that he particularly was interested in having a crowd around him, or a huge party, but he'd always been surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the Baratie before, and before that..? He remembered getting presents on the Orbit, the best of which was that big book on fish, though if that was his birthday or not, he couldn't quite remember. Before that... nothing but feelings... vague recollections of warmth, a gentle smile, warm food...

He had no idea what a birthday on the Going Merry would be like... but he had a good feeling that it would be loud, chaotic, aggravating at points, with Luffy inhaling all the food in sight... and all around wonderful. Bright, lively, fun. There was just so much life, and energy, and joy in the crew for a celebration like that...

Here, he had no crew, no nakama. Oh, sure, there were plenty of beautiful women, some of which actually responded positively to his flirting! And a few, even, that he could consider being friends with. Heck, even some of the men were tolerable. It wasn't the same, though. He'd only been sailing with the Straw Hats for a month or two, but their bond was already amazingly strong. He would do anything for them. Any of them. Even if he'd complain and deny it, regarding the male members of the crew.

Lonliness threatening to overwhelm him, Sanji pulled out a cigarette and lit it, to distract himself. He took in a deep breath then let it out slowly, watching the curls of smoke rise up into the sky, over the blue sea.

It also was odd... very odd, to have his birthday come around again so quickly. Back home, he had only celebrated it two or three months ago, before he had been pulled into Nautilus. And he had been in Nautilus only... Sanji paused to count, then let out a low whistle. Had it been three months already? Had he been here that long? Shit, how time had flown. But still, that would have only made it six months, at most, since he had his birthday. Less, back home, since time wouldn't move there until he went back. What would that do to his aging? Would he age in Nautilus? Or would he remain nineteen forever? What if he did age, became an old man... and then decide to go back home? Would he suddenly be young again? Would he stay young when he came back to Nautilus, or would he rapidly age again? If you couldn't die in Nautilus, what happened when you grew beyond a normal age span? Could you live to be a hundred, here? Two hundred?

It made Sanji dizzy to think about that, and he shook his head, trying to clear his mind. Regardless, it was his birthday today, and he was trying to figure out if he had lost half of an entire year... or if time reset when he entered Nautilus, and he was turning ninteen again. He certainly didn't feel any older. And while he had always strived to be a 'man', and be seen as an independant adult, he didn't like the idea of losing an entire year's worth of time (thereabouts). Perhaps he could think of his entry into Nautilus as a 'reset'? Really, would anyone else even know the difference?

He grinned faintly to himself. Nineteen again, then. He had only just started to live his life as a ninteen-year-old; he was in no hurry to lose that just yet. He still was a grown man, an adult... he didn't want to hurry and become an old geezer, after all! As he looked off across the sea, he started singing quietly to himself.

"For those that sleep on the seas, the lullaby is the sea moon. The bedsheets of waves that project the night sky, make the stars wave about, and twinkle more than the sky."

[ooc: the song Sanji is singing is Sea Moon, See You, a 'character song'(?) of kid!Sanji's.]

[eta: edited to change the timing of when Sanji was pulled, to before Nami's birthday.]


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