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The Little Merderp
leekspin wrote in thewakelogs
Who: Orihime Inoue, Circe, Sanji, OPEN
What: A human-loving mermaid lives beneath the waves. Sometimes she likes to spy view the surface world through magical viewing panes in a secret cavern which may or may not result in surprise communications with those who actually catch a glimpse of her through any water reflection.
Where: Mermaid Lagoon
When: February 15, 2012
Warnings: Uhhhhhhhh she wears a bikini that's about as scandalous as it gets.
Notes: [Action] is okay for water-mirror communications if you prefer! Orihime's a little shy at first, but easily coaxed into conversation.

It was a good thing that mermaids didn't typically use their arms to swim, because Orihime's were awfully sore. Cleaning the algae off of the coral palace was no small feat! Considering how she did it every day, it was a wonder her arms weren't more muscular instead of the spindly limbs they were.

It was good to let them rest for now, though, and she was in a cheerful mood. Her older stepsister Dana had given her permission to spend time with their protector, Sqwydd, and she always liked hanging around the young sea dragon. He was fun! He could also swim a lot faster than she could, and she found hanging on to his scales while he swam at top speed to be the best thing ever.

But even as she swam toward his lair, she found her curiosity automatically rerouting her toward her favorite secret cavern. She'd only discovered it just a little while ago while scraping off some old barnacles from a rocky wall in her late mother's chambers that Dana had decided should be barnacle free. What she'd found was a small, rusted lever, that when depressed opened up a wall into a magnificent cavern that must have belonged to the former merqueen. Inside were dozens of magnificent mirrors, gilded in gold, silver, and pretty stones that Orihime had never seen before. After wiping away the grime, she found that some of them would occasionally reflect the people and creatures of the surface world. Not just their faces, but their voices too. It made her wonder if they could see or hear her as well. She'd been too shy about attempting contact, for she'd always always ALWAYS been warned of the dangers posed by the landwalkers -- not just from her late parents, but from Dana and Circe as well. But she did like to look at them, and listen to them.

Too late she realized she'd already snuck back in, settling on a flat rock and resting her chin in her cupped hands, just enjoying a quiet moment of seeing the world that a fish tail and fins would ordinarily never allow her to see.

It really was beautiful.

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A nearby school of fish darted by gaily, diligently in their little school, while Orihime settled in. The currents betrayed the approach of another mermaid, as Circe spied her stepsister and swam towards her. The black and red patterened mermaid studied the human loving girl carefully, before she address her, folding her arms.

"Orihime - and just where have you been? Have you seen my comb?" Her hair is a fright (In her eyes) and she won't be seen in public without her comb, damnit.

Orihime jerked out of her reverie, swiftly exiting her hidden cove and sealing it shut behind her. She still wasn't entirely sure how her stepsisters would react to her little sanctuary, so it was best to keep it hidden for now.

"Sorry! Sorry, I lost track of time," she apologized with a sheepish grin. At least this meant the sailors would be spared for the time being.

"Your comb? Ah..." She settled her finger on her lip. She hadn't seen it while she was cleaning. "Did you set it on top of your mirror? It sort of blends in when it's up there." She pushed off in the direction of Circe's room, certain it would probably be in there somewhere. "Did you meet anyone nice up there?"

"Again with your lollygagging? IF you have time to daydream, Dana and I can find things to occupy your time, dear girl." Circe shook her head. That Orihime was such a daydreamer.

"Mmm, I'm almost positive I checked there already. Be a dear and look again for me, won't you?" She was already heading in the direction anyway, but Circe trailed along after the other girl. "Anyone nice? A human? Orihime, we've told you time and time again, there are no nice humans. You should really stay among your own kind before you get yourself hurt, or worse, hunted."

"Sure!" Orihime boosted herself up a little higher, giving herself a better vantage point near the ceiling of Circe's room, but there was no sign of the comb. Hmmmm... Maybe Circe had been brushing her hair while waiting for breakfast, and left it at the dining table. Orihime angled and dived, ducking under the archway to swim through the halls.

She glanced back over her shoulder with a fretful look. This wasn't an argument she could win, she knew, but she couldn't help herself anyway.

"There might be some nice ones. If we just took a chance to talk to them, I'm sure we could work something out!" She hoped so, anyway. Besides, for the life of her, she had yet to meet a single merman even remotely close to her own age.

Orihime peeked under the tablecloth, searching the dining room. "Aren't you even a little curious about them? I've heard some of them wear this hard shiny shell that makes them glitter in the sun, and ride on the backs of beasts with narwhal horns and spindly legs of four and swishy white hair!"

Darnit, still no comb. Circe missed the look Orihime gave her, studying her fingernails -- did she have a broken nail? OH GOD --oh wait, it's fine. At Orihime's words, she looked up, frowning, her tail boosting her forward to catch up with the other girl.

Sure there weren't any mermen their age, but what merman would even be worthy of Orihime anyway? She was a princess, she needed someone of equal status before Dana or Circe would even acknowledge them. "You're so young, Orihime, it's cute that you think things like that. Everyone knows that humans only care about hunting - you've seen the ships, you've heard the tales. You can't trust them." You should be helping her and Dana lure humans off the cliffs to die, not chatting them up!

... although she lingered in the doorway of the dining room, fingering a length of black and red hair, listening to Orihime with half an ear. Glitter? Jewels maybe? Wait, they ride on what? "What madness- what kind of a creature is so clumsy. And swishy hair? A matted mess more like. You fantasize about those landwalkers it's not healthy." But she might be a little curious. Not enough to stop luring them to their deaths, mind you. "Who would want to ride a beast on land when you can swim in the sea?"

"I wish I could ride one!" Orihime sighed dreamily, undaunted by her stepsister's admonitions. "But I suppose you would need legs in order to stay on properly. They're not clumsy at all, they move very elegantly! Like...ooh..."

This was impossible to describe. So instead she descended to the sandy floor, using her finger to carefully etch out the lines of what she remembered the creature to look like.

...It wasn't a very good drawing, and probably didn't help her argument in the slightest, but she looked awfully pleased just the same.

"Like that! The Sea Wizard could probably tell us what they're called." He was technically a merman, Orihime supposed, but from the impression she got, he wasn't exactly interested in mermaids. Each to their own, right? "And I guess humans like to ride them because they can't breathe in the sea." Remember?

Circe reached out to put a hand to her stargazing stepsister's forehead. "You must be ill to want to have legs - such ugly things!" She'll change her tune when she meets that one human though. And then you can laugh and make fun and I Told You So her to the end of the storm.

Sniff. "Oh Orihime, what are you doing now?" Silly girl. Don't you know there are more important things afoot? Like finding her comb? Still, she swam closer to see what the HELL was that ...

"This... is the creature they ride?" That thing is supposed to be elegant? PFF. Right. "I don't see the correlation between riding a creature like that, and breathing in the sea." Oh she'd never forget. It was HILARIOUS, seeing them thrashing about when they couldn't get back to the surface. You should join them Orihime, it'll be fun!

"I don't believe I'll ever understand you, Orihime."

"That's okay. I don't really understand me, either." She smiled, rubbing the top of her forehead. There was a hint of melancholy in her smile, but it didn't linger long. She'd already zipped off toward the kitchen, and sure enough, there was Circe's comb next to the kelp basket. Orihime held it up triumphantly, then zig-zagged through the water to return to her stepsister's side.

"Anyway, it's nothing like that! The Sea Wizard said that having legs is very painful. You have to carry all of your weight on them! I just wish I knew more about the humans, that's all. Don't worry. I won't go up and talk to any of them, I promise."

She had the mirrors to satisfy her curiosity for the time being. It would have to suffice.

Was there nothing more soothing, than the sound of the surf meeting the shore? The endless in-and-out of the waves, lapping against the sand... Prince Sanji could think of no better place to live, than by the sea.

He walked along the shoreline, leaving bootprints in the damp sand behind him, walking along the tidal strip of the beach, letting the furthest reaches of the water touch his boots. His hands were clasped behind him, and his head was lifted, looking out to sea. His tower - small but still richly decorated and comfortable - was a short distance behind him... rising from a rocky section of the shore, looking out over the sea.

His steed, a beautiful white unicorn, seemed to have gone missing, but he wasn't worried. Yet. Perhaps Collier had just gone out for a walk? To find some lush grass to chew? Prince Sanji was sure he would return eventually. He hoped. It was still very early in the morning, and he was just walking off his breakfast, taking in the salty sea air.

Was it sad to be completely and absolutely fascinated with just watching a person walk? Because if so, Orihime was the saddest of the sad. She lay stretched out on her stomach, lazily flipping her fins as she rested her chin upon her crossed arms.

This human was dressed so colorfully! That alone made him a joy to watch, but mostly, she was fascinated at how he could carry himself on his legs without wincing at every step. He didn't appear to be in any pain at all! He just looked happy, and she very much preferred humans who were smiling and at peace to those who were screaming and drowning.

This made her the odd one out, apparently.

That particular stretch of beach was one she recognized, albeit only from afar. Orihime had never been bold enough to swim that close, though she was often tempted, particularly when there were interesting things washed up on the beach. But for her own safety, she stayed well away from shallow waters and the creatures that walked beyond the shoreline. For now, she was content just to watch him through one of the many mirrors that lined her wall.

Hopefully Sanji wouldn't notice that her face was easily visible reflected through one of the many tidepools.

At first, Sanji passed the tidepools without noticing, his gaze cast out to sea. When his gaze dropped, however, to pay attention as he navigated a tricky, rocky part of the beach, he paused, and nearly toppled over at the sight of a face looking back up at him. It was a lady's face! And a very beautiful looking maiden at that!

Initially thinking it was a reflection, Sanji whipped his head up, and looked about, first to the sides and then to the sky. "Ahh! Fair maiden? My greetings to you! Do not be shy; come out of hiding!"

Not finding her, he returned his gaze to the tidepool, brow furrowed briefly in confusion, then smoothing out in delight. "Is this some form of magic? Allowing me to see such a beautiful maid? The heavens are smiling upon me, indeed. Can you hear my words, fair lady? I do hope that you are not trapped, somehow, in this shallow pool..."

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Orihime jerked upright in alarm as he leaned closer to the mirror, addressing her! That would never stop being scary. At least she'd talked to the farmer boy before, and he hadn't seemed too bad. That kept her from hiding herself completely behind the kelp...just part of the way.

And he thought she was beautiful? He probably hadn't met her stepsisters, then.

"Ah...yes...I can hear you! And I'm not trapped, but thank you for asking...?" Did he really hope she wasn't trapped? Or would he have thought that would make her easier to capture? Orihime sincerely hoped it wasn't the latter, it would have shaken up her faith in humans.

[Sanji took a step back at her alarm.] Ah! Please, fear not, fair maiden, for I bear you no harm! Nay... if any harm does attempt to befoul you, I shall protect you from it!

[He leaned in a little closer, to peer curiously at her. What remarkable magic! The image was blurry, very slightly distorted, but he took it as the effects from the water of the tidepool he was looking in. He couldn't see much of her, beyond her face.] May I have the honor of knowing your name, fair maiden?

You'd do that...?

[It manages to coax her out a little further.]

That's really nice of a human to offer!

[She smiles, inclining her head faintly.]

It's Orihime. What about you, what's your name?

Of COURSE I would do that, fair maiden! It is the role of any noble prince to rescue gorgeous ladies in distress!

[He then blinks a little.] Ahh... you are not human, miss? Are you, perhaps, a fairy? An angel? [He clapped his hands.] A water nymph?

[He straightened up, then bowed gallantly.] My name is Prince Sanji, fair and beauteous maiden. Ahh... Orihime... Such a regal sounding name. Are you a princess, my lady?

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