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who knows if I'll see it again;
ashensorrow wrote in thewakelogs
Who: Haibara Ai and Ben.
What: Haibara collapses in the street and Ben comes to the rescue! But he's no medic, so Ratchet comes to treat her. ... there'll be visitors too?
Where: Northern District.
When: Following this thread.
Warnings: Haibara's essentially starving herself because she refuses to steal and can't bend. That's it, for now.
Notes: None.

As much as she had liked to understand this place better, Haibara has been and always will be skeptical. She couldn't believe everything she read in that guide all at once, especially without testing it, but it seems she's waited too long before she decided to give bending a chance.

As was typical of her nature, she studied until she could no longer make sense of the words she was reading.

Three days spent studying, searching the library for information, exploring this place and attempting to gather information.

Three days before she was willing to give bending a chance.

Three days without a proper meal, because she did not want to resort to theft.

Attempting to focus long enough to will a meal or even a simple snack into existence has proven to be absolutely futile in her currently exhausted, half-starved state. She made through the first day just fine because she was used to eating little, but she has never starved herself.

In the end, she could blame only her own stubborn nature. It wasn't anyone's problem but hers that she hadn't eaten.

This wasn't the first time, however, that she's wandered through the streets, already past the brink of exhaustion, but this was the first time she's done it without any destination in mind. It'd feel nostalgic, if her mind wasn't blank.

She wondered if it would be best if she simply gave up, then... would it hurt less, if she stopped moving?

The girl hit the ground, the cell phone she carried slipping from her hands and skidding away to stop a short distance away on the street, glowing briefly before the light switched off.

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My teal deer has escaped!

Although Ben was used to Haibara giving him the cold shoulder and suddenly cutting the feed, something about the way she was dodging his questions about her eating habits made him worry.

Once again Ben was grateful for the city map in the guide as he dashed out of Furman's, heading for the Lapin Angelique Store. Maybe it was nothing, but he didn't want to take the chance that something had happened to Haibara. If his gut was wrong, it would probably mean he'd get an earful from the little girl; which would have been better than the alternative.

Ben rounded a corner running at full pelt and occasionally slipping on the icy pavement. The last thing he'd seen before the feed cut was that Haibara had been outside, so she probably wasn't that far from the store.

He ignored the tightness in his chest as he came to a halt near the store front. Ben tried to catch his breath while he scanned his surroundings. All he saw was small piles of snow here and there and a little bundle of clothing in the street. Wait a second...


He shouted as he ran over to her. Ben knelt beside the girl and tried to wake her with a few shakes. He wasn't sure what he should do, dealing with unconscious people wasn't something he'd done often.

"Don't worry, I'll get you home."

He stepped back, dialing Big Chill on the Ultimatrix. A second later the winged alien stood in place of Ben. He knelt to lift cradle her in his arms, she was almost weightless to his alien form. He took to the sky, flying as fast as he could toward the Welcome House. Ben hoped she wouldn't wake until they were back at home, he didn't want to freak her out again by having touched her.

It would only take a few minutes to get back to the house, and the first thing he'd do was set her down on the couch. That was the extent of his plan thus far.

[And it is a glorious teal deer!]

Her eyelids fluttered open for a brief moment while in the alien's arms, but she didn't seem to fully register what was happening before she lost consciousness again.

She didn't seem to notice that she had been moved when he set her down. All she did was open her mouth as her breathing quickened, but that was the extent of it; she still didn't wake up.

Ben had changed back to his human form and rushed into the kitchen to grab a glass of water for Haibara. Neither Gwen or Danny were home right now and Ben didn't know what to do.

He set the glass down on the table and went to sit beside Haibara. He pulled out his phone, but he didn't know who to call. Ben brushed some hair out of Haibara's face and tried to gauge her temperature. He was really worried about her, he wasn't naive enough to believe that someone couldn't die after only three days without food.

Maybe he should call Doctor Holiday? Ofcourse he didn't even know if Holiday was that kind of Doctor.

She was warm enough around the core, but if he checked any further away, he would notice that she's getting very cold, particularly around the hands and feet.

Her mouth was dry too. It didn't seem like she had anything to drink either.

She didn't seem to have a bad fever. Ben grabbed her hand, and felt a chill go down his spine. Haibara's hands were like ice. No, he couldn't just sit here, he had to do something.

Ben put his arm under Haibara's neck and lifted her head gently. He grabbed the glass of water and pressed it against her lips tipping it forward slowly.

He needed to go get a blanket for Haibara, he needed to warm her up.

((Should I make a network log calling for a medic?))

After some of the water went down her throat, she woke up, choking. Fortunately, he was giving her the water slowly enough that she wasn't in danger of drowning if he stopped as soon as she woke, but she didn't seem able to swallow the water she'd been given.

... at least she was awake?


Ben pulled the glass away immediately. Crap Ben, don't kill her! He places the glass on the table. Before looking back down at her.

"Don't move okay, I'm gonna get some help."

He stood up quickly and pulled his jacket off so she could use it as a rudimentary blanket. Ben snatched up his communicator to call for assistance. He didn't leave to make the call though, instead he sat there with Haibara. He didn't want to leave her alone.

((Posting it now. Ben is your humble servant in the mean time.))

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She coughed up the water and winced. She looked rather confused and more than slightly irritable now that she had come to.

”... w-what's... going on?”

"You must of fainted from not eating all this time. Don't worry you're home now. Just don't make any sudden moves."

He tucked the jacket around her, trying to keep her warm. He gave her a reassuring smile.

"I'm trying to get a hold of someone to come check you out."

"Can I get you anything?"

She tried to move the jacket away. "Too hot..."

She seemed to want to sit up, but realized very quickly that it wasn't the best idea, so she lay back down. "No."

Haibara closed her eyes, stubbornly refusing help as usual... but, there was one thing.


That was not a request, just in case the blunt rudeness hadn't tipped him off. That was an order.

Too bad it really didn't look like she could swallow anything at this point.

"You need to stay warm alright."

That's what Ratchet had told him to do. He picked up the glass and stood up.

"Glad the fall didn't damage your charm. I'll get you a fresh glass, just don't try to move."

He was still concerned about her but there was tinge of annoyance in his voice. Ben walked to the kitchen and back within a few minutes, bringing a now refilled glass with him and a napkin.

He wasn't sure if she would be able to hold the glass on her own so he did what he'd done before, trying to support her so he could let her drink with as little effort as possible. Of course the only difference was that she was awake now.

"Thanks..." she watched him come back, looking a bit dazed.

Yes, the only difference was that she was awake (well, to a certain degree) now. And that simple fact made all the difference in the world, as she tried to refuse his help and work to support herself in an upright sitting position with shaking arms and half-focused eyes narrowed into a glare.

"I- I can hold a glass by myself."

She might be incredibly irritating, but she certainly was strong-willed, although that seemed to be to a fault as well.

"Would you just take it easy, you don't always have to do everything by yourself. This is what friends are do for eachother."

Yes Haibara, as irritating as you can be, Ben respects your strong will and even considers you to be his friend. He placed the glass in her hand, but kept his own underneath to steady hers.

He was pretty sure that having his assistance to hold a glass was less embarrassing than letting her drop the glass of water on herself.

This was certainly less embarrassing.

"F-friend...?" she blinked, genuinely sounding confused. "Even after— all I did to make you hate me—"

Her voice gave out, so she stopped talking coughed quite a bit, turning weakly away from the cup. Well, it seems that in her current state, Haibara is just saying whatever she's thinking rather than filtering it like she normally would. Her facade is breaking down again.

On some level, she might have been aware of this, somewhere in her dizzy head, so she decided to focus on drinking the water, rather than carrying on a conversation. That was a more urgent matter, after all.

Then, she tried to drink, but couldn't manage to swallow, only coughing the water up again.

Well, this seemed pretty hopeless.

The sound of heavy metal foot falls echoed though the Welcome House. Ratchet had just teleported in from the Medbay and it wasn't long before he was able to locate Ben and Haibara. Fortunately, the building had been created to accommodate beings as large as Cybertronians in most sections, allowing him to move freely and access the common room the two were occupying at the moment.

"Haibara, I presume?" he questioned as he came through the over-sized doorway. Ratchet didn't really know either of them, but it didn't matter. If a Wakened was ill or injured, he would answer the call. That was his duty. "My designation is Ratchet. I'm a doctor stationed in this city."

Ben grinned at Haibara; so she didn't really hate him after all.

"If you think the stuff you've said is bad you should hear some of the stuff Gwen's called me."

He used the napkin to wipe away some of the water. That's when he heard the robo-doc's approach. Ben turned on the seat to see the big red and white Cybertronian.

"Yip, that's her. I'm Ben."

He pointed to Haibara and then himself.

"Thanks for coming Ratchet."

He sounded a lot less frantic than he did over the network, mainly because Haibara was awake at least. Ben set the glass down on the table and moved out of the way to give Ratchet a chance to tend to Haibara.

Haibara blinked, then smiled a bit ruefully. "You really... have no idea. What you're getting into. You'd be safer if you left me. Even if, even if I died... It's my fault I've ended up like this, but it's alright. I've lived long enough. Longer than I expected. This'd be be— best—"

Her vision was going out of focus and it seemed she was losing consciousness again.

So, what shall you do, robot doctor? Care to try saving a patient who doesn't seem to want to be saved? Let's hope her lack of will isn't going to interfere with your work. Her inability to take in water even while she's conscious is therefore likely to have a psychological basis (a conversion disorder?).

Ratchet used bending to shrink himself down to human size while still maintaining his Cybertronian form, scanners running high while he analyzed Haibara's rate of breathing, blood pressure, temperature and heart rate. That was the advantage of being a highly advanced sentient machine customized for medical purposes - everything he needed for basic monitoring was with him and sensitive enough that he didn't need to lay a single finger on his patient to check her.

"Looking after this city and its inhabitants is part of my duty, Ben," Ratchet responded as he knelt alongside the couch. "As for you, missy... I can tell you're new around here. I don't need to know what I'm 'getting into' with you, only that you're ill and need help. We're all Called for a reason, every Wakened has a purpose here. So don't think you're doin' anyone any favors by giving up on yourself."

It was clear to the medibot that Haibara was dehydrated, something that could be dealt with easily enough. Won't take in water on her own? Fine. That was what IVs were for.

Ratchet bent up an IV stand, along with the rest of the necessary equipment to get a drip started and got to work. "Do the lot of us a favor and remain still. You won't like it if I have to jab you multiple times."

"... fine."

She complied, of course. She's never been treated by a robot before, but he certainly seemed to know what he was doing. Intravenous therapy was ideal at this point, wasn't it?

For all that she said, she didn't really want to die. She just didn't mind if she did. Pride was one of the few things she still retained, however, so she didn't want to be a charity case, nor did she want to burden anyone. Did she really have a purpose here?

Yet, it seemed that the two of them took it upon themselves to help others. Duty and friendship, was it?

"T-thank you."

Ben was going to correct Haibara on her assumptions that everyone would be better if she were dead, but Ratchet had beaten him to it while he'd been conversing with other Nautilus inhabitants over the phone. Did she really think he could be in trouble because of her? Did she know who he was?

"Ratchet's right. If you die, you can't be useful to anyone. Maybe things were different for you back home, but here, we all look out for eachother.So you can drop the tough girl act."

Now that they'd gotten all the serious business out of the way it was time to lighten the mood.

"Hey Ratch, it's alright for her to have some visitors right?"

He knew it was a pointless question; Wally and Sanji were already on their way over. The former would likely be there in a matter of seconds.

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"As long as they don't do anything to further exhaust her," Ratchet replied gruffly as he finished setting up the IV. "Judging from her symptoms and vitals, she's both dehydrated and likely anemic, so it's going to take a little time for her to bounce back. I'll hang around the Welcome House until this first IV bag is depleted, then take her off of it. That should hopefully be enough to get her system more on track again. Then she can be moved into her room."

As he straightened back up, Ratchet rubbed thoughtfully at his chin, considering another option that would put some much needed nutrients back into Haibara's system. Resorting to TPN could cause complications, however, such as fluctuations in glucose levels that would then require insulin injections. Adding a PICC line to the situation was not something the old medibot really wanted on top of the IV, either. Not if it could be avoided.

"You need to eat, missy," he stated, getting right down to the point. "Given it seems like you've not had much as of late, I'd suggest you start slow so as not to shock your digestive system with too much at once."

"Visitors?" she asked, sounding rather confused. Who would come to visit her?

Then, she turned her attention to Ratchet's suggestion. It would be terribly ungrateful to give up with all that they were doing for her sake, so she intended to do as she was told. "... alright, I will. Milk. Or bread..."

After talking to Ben, Sanji rushed through the kitchen at the Southern Welcome House, then ran through the streets of Nautilus to the teleporter arrays. He still was unsettled with the things, but at least Orihime had shown them to him earlier. They'd been most useful, for getting clear across the city, quickly.

It took him only a little while to find the Northern Welcome House, after arriving at Ground Zero, and he entered without knocking, making his way through the halls. His arms were laden with various containers he'd filled back at Budehuc, hoping to make use of the Welcome House's kitchen to cook up some easy-to-digest foods for the recovering Haibara. He didn't know where they were, though, and didn't want to run around aimlessly.

"Hello!" he called out, jogging lightly down the halls. "Ben? Where are you? Where is Miss Haibara?"

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