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Aruba, Jamaica, Oo I Wanna Take Ya!
Fun in the Sun
leekspin wrote in thewakelogs
Who: Dana Tan, Dr. Holiday, Luna, Orihime Inoue, Teresa, OPEN!
What: Ladies relaxin' in a spa. Awwwww yieah.
Where: Tonga Spa - Northern District (?)
When: January 30th, 2012 - Evening
Warnings: Oh who knows. It MIGHT get racy and lolarious.
Notes: Just because it's Ladies' Night doesn't mean party crashers can't come along and instigate hijinks! Also, [Action] tags are okay!

Orihime dabbled one foot in the water, testing the temperature, before she carefully sloshed down the steps into the spa. One arm was drawn across her chest to keep up the towel she wore, her long chestnut hair pinned up on top of her head and already growing damp from the clinging steam.

She sank into the heat of the water with a contented sigh, closing her eyes and relaxing her stiffened shoulders. "Haaaaaaaaaaa..." she exhaled, head lolling to the side. "Hot springs are definitely best in the winter!" she practically purred as she sat on one of the underwater stones and stretched her legs out in front of her. She'd needed this.

They all had. Tensions seemed to be running high lately from various sources, and to her, it seemed like a good idea not only to spend time at a relaxation spot, but for women to be able to spend time with other women, to just be themselves and do whatever they pleased for one evening. She was sure the guys would do something similar, if one of them decided to take the initiative.

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Oh, yes. With everything going on, this was a MORE than welcome distraction. She had completely forgotten she planned this with the other ladies, despite Orihime reminding her a few times.

Should have done this sooner, but she's not complaining right now. Holiday's never been to one of these things, so she was obviously a bit shy about the towel thing. (She remembers the last time she had nothing on but a towel but she does have a little bit underneath, so it's not so bad) But still! Holiday was a bit self conscious.

Until she dipped into the water. She was as pleased as a cat right now, allowing herself to sink in close to her nose. Oh yes. She liked this.

And speaking of cats, Luna trotted along the edge of the hot spring, looking for a good spot to lie down and soak up the heat without too much of a risk of getting wet.

"Good evening, everyone," she said properly, taking up position not far from where Holiday soaked.

It wasn't easy for her to get to the Northern District quickly, but it made sense to come join the ladies in their trip. She wanted to see more of Nautilus than just the Southern District. For another, she wanted to know more about the people she'd found herself around.

Dana had missed girls' nights out. The last one she went on was- the dance club. Which she didn't want to think about.

Thankfully, this one was completely different. Different activity, different outfit, different girls... It was going to be a schway time.

She waved to Holiday as she approached the pool, but didn't sink right in. Always test the water first. She dipped an arm in and sighed. Perfect. She removed the towel and was about to set it aside when she noticed Luna.

"Hey, Luna! I wasn't expecting you to come."

Orihime tipped her head back with a sleepy smile, spotting an upside-down Luna from her vantage point. So cute! There sure were a lot of cats and dogs around Nautilus, but Luna was the only genuine animal that could talk as far as Orihime knew. And her accent was so adorable!

"Good evening, Luna-chan!"

Already this was turning out to be a good plan, Orihime thought, greeting the other ladies as they entered the spring. Holiday had been one of the women Orihime specifically had in mind for those who needed a distraction. She hadn't forgotten the doctor's kindness when Augie had gone to sleep, leaving behind a very upset Orihime in his wake. But instead of pizza and laser tag, this distraction would be peaceful and relaxing.

"I'm glad you guys came! I've always wanted to try this, hee hee!" Orihime grinned, splashing some of the water against her throat.

Holiday bobbed her head out of the water to smile at the two new arrivals. "Good evening, Luna," she greeted back once the kitty had made her spot nearby. "Raye didn't want to drop by?"

She waved at Dana in turn, before adding to Orihime's statement. "I've only been to a spa a few times before things got hectic back home. I forgot how good it feels."

Yes, Orihime, she is quite thankful for the distraction. Pizza and laser tag would have been fine, too, but she... probably would've gotten a little SERIOUS with the laser tag, so this was a good idea.

"She might show up at some point. I wanted to spend a little time away from the shrine."

Well, she had other ulterior motives, but she didn't want to ruin Holiday's evening.

She tucked her legs up beneath her, resembling some sort of cat loaf. Her tail curled around herself, the end periodically twitching. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"Oh this is nice. I may have to stop by one of these more often."

Dana petted Luna with her dry hand, then stepped into the pool and sank in up to her chin.

"We have spas back home, but none in a natural setting like this. They're all indoors and- artificial. I'm liking this more."

Eventually Teresa found her way successfully through the spa through two Districts. Minus the weather changes, none of the creatures native to the city had tried to slow her down. She stopped at the entrance to the pool uncertain, nodding slightly to Orihime and Dr. Holiday before extending to a quiet greeting to the other two.


Orihime laughed. Yay, a cat loaf! Luna was the cutest cat she'd ever seen. It seemed that Dana was well-acquainted with her too! "So you're a temple cat?"

She nodded in cheerful agreement with Dana's opinion, and started to say something in return when she caught sight of the fair-haired warrior stepping forward. Orihime beamed, waving up at her.

"Greetings, Teresa-san! Please join us, ha ha!"

"Good evening, Teresa," Holiday beamed over to the young woman. Teresa seemed like a more reserved person. She had to wonder if she ever been to one of these... Course, Orihime hadn't either and it's been years for Holiday herself.

"Not exactly, Orihime."

She looked up at the newcomer, waving her tail in greeting before coiling it around herself again.

"Hello there. I don't think we've met. My name is Luna."

She is surprised to hear the cat speak, even though she had seen it appear on the network before. But to hear it in person is a different thing entirely. She nods slightly as she takes her swords, sticks them into the stone, takes her boots off, and removes the cape along with the armor pieces that she normally wears until she is standing only in the white uniform clothing.

"Greetings, Luna. I am Teresa."

From behind the building, Sanji peered cautiously around the side, then glanced up at the walls.

He had heard the post to the network from Orihime, about the 'Ladies' Night Out', and once he found out this "Tonga" place was a SPA, well... Lots of pretty ladies! Bathing in bikinis! The light glistening off their damp, smooth skin... Sanji clapped a hand to his face to smother a perverted, giddy grin, and tried to calm himself down a little. First, he had to find out if there were any openings, other than the front door. How easy, or difficult, would it be to get in? Perhaps it would be better to climb onto the roof. Perhaps there was a sunlight, or even an open roof...?

This wasn't peeping... The ladies were vulnerable and defenceless... and there was a murdering pyschopath on the loose, so he was just looking out for them! Keeping a close eye on them, so they could relax and be at ease... That's all.

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