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[OPEN!] Dashing through the snow, with a one-horse open bomb ...
[Update] Thinking hold the fucking phone
princeofpuzzles wrote in thewakelogs
Where: Western District, Arkham Asylum
When: December 25th, Night-time
What: Riddler has set three bombs over the city, and left his first clue to find them. It leads our brave heroes to Arkham Asylum ...
Notes: So go ahead and begin tagging. When you get to the right spot, hopefully found out by one of the many in the clue Riddler left, I'll chime in with the next clue. Have fun kids! Save Nautilus!

ADDITIONAL: I have posted the next clue at the bottom, you can respond to it as you like and keep writing out searching. I'm putting up the next log for the next location now.

The deep black dark of the winter nighttime, only broken by the two moons hurdling across the western sky, seemed a fitting backdrop for the somber truth. There were three bombs somewhere in this city, and if the citizens didn't work fast enough, it could damage not only the people themselves but the sentient city as well. Riddler was out to prove something and it seemed he was the only one who knew just what that was.

Arkham stood the same as it ever did, foreboding and haunting. And of course completely open to anyone who wanted to wander in. Of course, on any given day no sane man would feel a need to saunter in. But this wasn't one of those days. This was life and death.

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SO not how she wanted to spend her Christmas evening. She would have rather sat around a tree, chatted with new friends, teased Ben - any of those options were viable! But no, they had to have some maniac ruin it for everyone with the Worst. Game. EVER (tm).

"Come on Ben, get out here already -" Having already notified her cousin of what was going on, Gwen opted to start heading towards the Western District, trusting that Ben would catch up with her. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Sanji - after a hurried run through the Western District - found himself near the gates of Arkham Asylum, staring up at the forboding, black building, and suppressed a shudder. What a seriously shitty place, and what a seriously shitty night. Still, he couldn't just leave this alone... not when the safety of the women of Nautilus was at stake! He cursed inwardly, upset that he was still very new to Bending, and still not very good at it... and that his strength (and other attributes) was also nowhere near normal, yet. Well, normal for him at least. He was annoyed by that fact, but had confidence in his skill to see him through any fight, should any arise. Even without his strength, he could still kick the asses of anyone who'd dare stand in his way.

Tense and on-guard, he approached the gates, casting a wary glance over the grounds. He couldn't afford to overlook anything. The clue had said something about the halls... but who knew if that psychopath had set up traps along the way? The clue also mentioned something about a bat, so... maybe the attic, or rafters of the place..? He'd try heading up, as soon as he entered the building.

After leaving Dana, Steph goes back to her room and quickly throws together what she needs: a backpack into which goes her new grapple gun, a length of rope, pliers, a basic first aid kit, a lighter and a can of spray deoderant (instant flamethrower), as well as her comm device. She attaches her big stick(tm) to the bag - it's five feet long and a solid wood - then picks up the cellphone.

"Go to Arkham Asylum."

The cellphone/teleporter takes her to the front gates of Arkham Asylum; she can't help the shiver that runs own her spine, and although she wants to rush right in and find the bombs, she said she'd meet up with Garrus. And it won't hurt to wait for anyone else who might show.

[[OOC: Anyone who wants to visit Arkham with Steph and Garrus (turian_honor) is welcome to tag here.]]

Shortly after sending the message to Ben and getting confirmation that he would be joining her, Gwen set off for the Western District. Of course, she was running like a normal person, on the ground rather than using her mana steps.

When she neared the asylum, she slowed her steps to take in the sight of the structure, before casting her gaze to the rest of her surroundings. No sign of Ben yet, but he wouldn't take long - not when it was Hero Time(tm). Spying Stephanie, she paused in surprise. "Hello?"

If it was a civilian, she probably shouldn't be hanging around here - it's not safe! Somehow Gwen doubted this was the case.

Steph heard Gwen approaching and turned to her before the hello, wearing a slightly grim smile.

"Hey, I'm guessing you're here because of the Riddler's clue?"

Gwen looks like a normal person, but Steph isn't one to make snap judgements based on looks.

Gwen nodded, relaxing. Not a civilian then - though honestly, was anyone here one? "'Riddler'?" She said suddenly. "That's his name?" That explained the riddle he made. Must be his M.O. too.

"I'm waiting for my cousin - he should be here any minute. But I don't know if we have that kind of time."

"He goes by the Riddler, or Edward Nygma, neither are his real name."

"I'm waiting on someone too. Scary-looking guy, really tall, kinda bony, I didn't get his name." She shrugs and casts a look around, "I don't think we need to worry too much, we've solved the first riddle, he'll want us to find the next ones."

It's unfortunate, but Steph knows how the Riddler works. She just hopes he hasn't gotten over his compulsions.

Gwen looked thoughtful - hadn't she seen someone like that the other day? "Well with that description it'll be easy to pick him out." She glanced up at the sky again -- creepy red sky under the circumstances.

"This Riddler - how do you know him? Is he from your world?"

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Ben's team on the upper floors!

Six zipped towards the imposing form of the Arkham Asylum. He frowned as he looked at it. Whoever had designed the building had clearly been shooting for intimidating.

He raised a hand to his ear to activate the earpiece he'd Bent up for himself. "Six to Ben Tennyson. I'm on final approach. ETA two minutes."

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Ben had already made his way to the upper floors with the others. He'd left Gwen on a window sill before phasing into the building. It was extremely dark; the only light came from the moon which only added to the haunted vibe the place had going.

He turned and opened the window so Gwen didn’t have to stand outside for too long. His communicator beeped, it was Six.

“Right. We’re on the highest floor, straight up from the entrance.”
If his description wasn’t clear enough, he’d fly out to meet Six.

Arkham Asylum was so beautiful in the Western District! ...

Okay no, no that's a total lie. It was big and imposing and creepy - but Gwen could deal. She sat patiently on the window ledge while waiting for Ben to open the window, and as expected, she didn't have to wait long.

"Ugh, I can't see a thing." Gwen murmured as Ben opened the window. She swung her legs around from the outside ledge to the inside of the building and hopped down. Just like before, she lifted her hand to shine a bright light into the interior. She is your own personal flashlight, Ben! "That's better. ....Sort of."

Now they just had to wait for Six and Lelouch.

(Deleted comment)
Six spied the open window and flew up to it, bringing the hoverboard to a smooth stop and climbing through the window. Using Bending, he guided it to the ground outside the building to be retrieved later. Satisfied, he approached the group, giving a curt nod. One of his magna blades slipped out of his sleeve and into his hand to unfold itself to its full length.

"Sorry if I held you up. I got here as fast as I could."

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Our heroes searched long and hard, and finally found what they were looking for in one cell marked "E. Nigma". Congratulations, guys, you really earned it.

Within is the standard fare for all of the cells, a cot, a sink, a toilet, a note-

Wait, back up, a note? Well, that should be a bit of a red flag, huh? If one so chose to pick it up, they would find their next clue. An address to a location in the Southern District, as well as a symbol drawn under it.

Well, what are you all waiting for? Chop chop! 44 hours left.

Batman's group; going up! Batman, Garrus, Stephanie, and Sanji

Despite wanting to go with those he knew, that party already sounded like they'd have enough people, leaving the other team stretched too thinly. If it were all just men in that group, he wouldn't care about them, but there was Miss Stephanie to think about! Even though it seemed she was a very strong, independant lady... and could probably easily take care of herself. The more eyes, the better, anyway... right?

He jogged up the stairs after the group, looking down the halls with a little trepadation. A jail. How ironic was this? A pirate, willingly walking into a prison. An incredibly dark, gloomy jail, that brought out quite a tense feeling of claustrophobia. Sanji didn't like this place at all. The sooner they were out of there, and hunting down those bombs, the better.

Reaching the third floor, he glanced about. "...any of you guys have any idea which cell, in particular, this psycho had been locked in?" There were so many... it'd take hours to search them all.

[ooc: To note... I originally planned to post this, with Sanji's question, before the Riddler left his clue. Just so you know I'm not using OOC knowledge of this. c.c;; I'm just in the middle of fighting off a cold, so my mind's been all "blaaaaah... dun wanna think/cooperate!" mode for a while. :/ ]

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