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My father says that almost the whole world is asleep...

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What's a winterwonderland without a snowy man?
bestofsummer wrote in thewakelogs
Who: Phineas, OPEN!
Where: Northern District's plaza
When: Dec 14th, sometime after Phineas's post
Notes: Party style! Tag around, get to know people! Make the MOST EPIC SNOWMAN! Also, there may be a musical number. If I can invent the lyrics.

When Phineas was given a challenge, he took it to heart. To him, giant wasn't a mere eight feet, just twice his height. Giant meant huge! Massive! GINORMOUS! To make a truly giant snowman, it had to be... well, giant!

You might not think one would need a blueprint to build a snowman, but Phineas has one taped to a statue for reference. By his estimate? This thing's looking to be several stories high. Who's up for building a snowman?

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[Isn't Phineas a little young to be operating a crane?

At least he's got a hardhat on- safety first! But yea, he's using the crane to pick up piles of snow and dump them, before using it to push the pile around and start to form it into the giant base.]

[And here comes Wing. All two stories worth of Cybertronian that he is. He said he could help out with the crane situation; he just didn't specify that it would be personally.]

Looks like you're off to a good start.

Hey Wing! How's it going?

[don't mind him, just controlling this giant machine really well.]

Sorry for the delayed reply! D:

[The fact that Phineas looks about ten or fifteen years too young to be fooling around with heavy machinery gets a silent "well then" from Wing. As long as he isn't knocking over any buildings with it, he'll just take it as it comes.]

I can't complain. Let me give you a hand.

[Because cranes and pile and move and collect, but it'll take some hands on work to get it all into a vaguely snowman-shaped state.]

Thanks! I'm mostly piling together snow right now. We need more people to do the rolling.

[So, he wasn't kidding about the crane. Though Dana was fast losing her ability to be shocked at anything, especially anything this oddly enthusiastic kid did.

[On the other hand, there wasn't much she could do, compared to a crane.]

Hey, Phineas!

I came to help with the snowman, but...

[She picks up a handful of snow and adds it to the crane's last pile.]

That's about all I can do.

That's great! I was just using the crane to get started, and then to put the parts on top of each other. We're going to need all the help we can get we when roll it!

[Mary starts rolling up a snowball! It's maybe a foot tall at the moment, but it's getting bigger!

...though if that base is anything to go by, she's gonna need a lot of work to make this thing worthy of the snowman!]

So how big is this thing gonna be, Phineas? Off to a great start so far!

Well, the plan is fifty feet, but I'm not sure we have enough snow to do that so we may have to just play it by ear.

We might have enough snow if we borrow from the Eastern District.

[Without waiting for a reply, Dana runs to the teleportation array and disappears. She reappears a few minutes later... with a tiny pile of snow around her feet.]

Well, that didn't work so well.

We could make more! You said you did it before, right Phineas?


[Dana rolls up a small snowball, holds it in one hand, and concentrates. Suddenly, there's an identical snowball in her other hand.]

I can make more, but it'll still be slow going.

If anyone's got a snow cone machine, I could make more. That's how we did it at home. Or we could do it Dana's way. Or both!

I bet I could get one from one of the restaurants if I asked! They've gotta have ice crushers. Or at least a blender.

[HEY SUP IT'S WALLY. AND WITH HIM, a huuuuuuuge wagon full of snow stolen borrowed from the Eastern district]

Hey guys! Sorry I'm late! Figured we were doing this without bending, so I had to dig through Wreck-Gar's junkyard to make the wagon.

Ice crusher might work.

[and then Wally arrives.]

Wow! Thanks for bringing all this snow, Wally! Now we should have enough to at least do the first two parts.

Johann had come across Phineas showing off his treehouse, and was rather curious about the claims that he somehow had put up everything and an escalator in one day. Was this bending, or something else entirely? He had to know more.

So now he's off a short distance, leaning against a wall while watching a child younger than Nena operate a crane. At least the boy has a hard hat. And a giant two-story robot supervising.

Johann's face turns further into lines. He's missing Eins already.

[Jendayi was excited about this project. She loved playing in the snow and he Papa always helped her make really big snow men, ones taller than him. And her Papa was a towering seven and a half feet tall. But this? She had no idea this new kid was talking something this big!]

[She has to admit, she's not entire sure what to do while the big machine is pushing large piles of snow around, so for now she stays out of the way...and comes to stand not too far from a man she's pretty sure just arrived in the last few days.]

Hello. Are you here to help with the snowman too?

[There's another child walking around, this one without the benefit of having an adult along to supervise. Johann's gaze aims towards her with some concern, a flash crossing his eyes as he notices her ears. Fascinating.

The eldest Trinity's features soften for Jendayi as she walks up, and he even gives the little girl a small wave. He'll just have to approach her like he did his brother and sister when they were her age.]

Hello, little one. I actually came to watch, I was curious about how Phineas built his treehouse. It was rather impressive, wasn't it?

[She nods and grins, turning to watch the happenings in the square for a moment.] You're one of the new people here, right? I'm Jendayi.

[Johann also watches, rather surprised at how Wally suddenly came with a wagon of snow. That was fast.]

Yes, I'm Michael's older brother, Johann.

[Five for six?]

[The people here are so amazing. When things calm down a little out there she'll go help as much as possible. For now she's content to watch.]

Michael? [She's not met him yet, and considering his usually foul mouth that's probably a good thing.] Well, it's nice to meet you, Mr. Johann.

[Her? Four, though he'd likely guess her closer to seven or eight.]

[Four for six, as in four out of six 'oh yes that Michael' responses when mentioning his younger brother.]

It is nice to meet you as well, Miss Jendayi. Are your parents here as well?

[Ah, that isn't so surprising.]

[Her smile fades a little.] No. [She seems like she might say more for a moment then just goes quiet.]

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