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My father says that almost the whole world is asleep...

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He's A Real Nowhere Man
by doze itz bleedink
lil_snikt wrote in thewakelogs
Who: Little Wolvie, OPEN!!
What: Another newb arrival- yer probably sick of'em by now.
Where: Northern District
Warnings: None? Maybe a little brattitude.
Notes: Prose or Action Spam- I'm cool with either!

     This place smelled all wrong. It was probably because of the snow, which was definitely wrong in that there shouldn't have been any snow, last time he checked. Of course, he wasn't about to rule out that the Bloated One might have decided to screw around a little with the weather, anything for ratings and all that trash- but Wolvie was sure he would have known, if that were the case. ...and this really didn't seem to be it. His nose never lied when it came to things like this, and being in Mojo's twisted 'verse for as long as he had (which really wasn't long at all but he thought anyone spending even a day in that place would have a good idea how to tell it apart from anything else), he knew that this wasn't it.

     "Stormy? Colossus? ...anyone? Poots, I'll even settle for the yappy twins..." No answer, and as used to the cold as he should be, it wasn't much fun standing almost waist-deep in it. Snorting, the little mutant clambered out of the snow, carefully setting foot upon it so he wouldn't go sinking in again. He lifted his head, taking another sniff.

     "...where is this?"

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If he thought the place smelled strange, the little girl that seemed to half hop half float over the snow likely smelled strange too: not quite Human, definitely not mutant, and not quite....something else. The blue-haired child seemed caught up in whatever she was doing, twirling and leaping across the surface of the deep snow. She seems to be concentrating on whatever she's doing.

Though someone calling out names does get her attention. She comes to a light stop on top of the snow, and can't help but give the boy in costume a funny look. She changes that to a polite smile and gives him a wave. "Hello."

     He tensed as he caught that scent, looking across the snowy scape at the blue-haired girl that appeared. He didn't seem too bothered by her light-footed movements, but he did frown at the look given his way. What, you ain't seen a mini-hero before?

     "...hey," he replied, still a little guarded. Kid or not, this place just bothered him. "Who're you? An' where's this?"

Never has, that doesn't stop her from giving him a friendly smile now.

"I'm Jendayi," she answered easily, walking carefully across the snow towards him so she didn't have to raise her voice so much to talk with him. "This is Nautilus. What's your name?"

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     "Nautilus?" That name certainly wasn't familiar. "Name's Wolverine." He folded his arms, giving a quick glance about his surroundings. "So where's Nautilus in? Or's this another dimension thingy?"

"Nice to meet you." It was a funny name, but no more funny than the names of some of the Cybertronians around here. And she wasn't surprised by his question, that didn't make it any easier to answer though.

"Um...the second. It's just this city, and a couple others nearby, but everyone here is from a different world. Lots of different worlds."

     "Oh great," the kid huffed. "One'a those places." He heard earth was kinda like that too. And trying to explain Mojoland was just better left alone.

"Um..." She shrugs, not entirely sure what "those places" are like, but he's probably got the general idea. "So you just got here then? There have been lots and lots of new people showing up in the last few days."

Gambit had been pretty busy mapping out the city for the last few days or so. It was an... interesting place, he'd give it that, but he couldn't decide if he was intrigued or just scared. Too many things here didn't make sense.

Not to mention that he was all alone here.

Or, he used to be, until he spots a familiar, yellow suit out in the snow. It's a bit of distance, but Remy's covering it quick at the sight of his teammate. Not really one of the familiar faces he wanted, but he'll take it.


     The little mutant jerks his head up at his name. Weird, whomever was calling him sure didn't sound familiar, nor did the smell he pick up match up to anyone he knew.

     Maybe it was some freaky fanboy or something. Never knew, and when stuck in some weird place, Wolvie supposed being careful couldn't hurt. Just a little. Don't tell Storm.

     "-who?" He looked oddly at the Cajun, little fists balled, but he wasn't tensed enough to spring claws at him.

Gambit approached quickly, but slowed down a few feet away to... just... be shocked...

"You... uh... not as... tall... as I 'member..."

Yeah. He hates this city.

     "...oh, I get it now." Wolvie relaxed, if just a little. He eyed the man before moving towards him to close that distance that Gambit had left between them.

     "That's cuz I'm with the X-Babies. ...but I don't think I know you," he said, stroking his chin.


"Da... X... babies..."

"Je déteste cette ville."

Just... going to watch you for a minute...

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     Wolvie was quickly becoming not impressed by this guy. "Yeah, that's what I said. Hey, no fair not speakin' english!" Have a scowl, Gambit.

     Since the guy wasn't doing anything interesting, nor being of much help, the little mutant decided to try circling him. It would have been easier without all the snow. "...don't suppose you know how to get out of here? Not that I know how I got here to begin with, but'm pretty sure I didn't go through any strange doors this time."

Well, he might've been shorter and squeakier, but, yeah, that's Logan.

He keeps his eyes on Wolverine as the bitlet circles him, before shrugging. "Been tryin' ta figure out da same thing, homme. I been up an' down dis city ta find a way out.

"You, uh... 'memeber me?... Oui?"

... He actually doesn't know what he hopes the answer is.

     "Well that poots!"

     Maybe the big guy wasn't trying hard enough to figure out a way, but even if Wolvie weren't to trust him, he still couldn't deny what his senses told him, or particularly, what scents did. There was something off in general about the whole place. Ceasing in his circling, the boy flops down in the snow, not caring too much at this point if it's cold and wet or not.

     "What kinda stoopid city don't have a way out of it? Even the fat potato's place had lot'sa doors to go through!"

     He glanced back at Gambit, pouting a bit as he furrowed his brow. "How many'a you are in there?" No Wolvie, not "we."

     "-never seen you b'fore."

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