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My father says that almost the whole world is asleep...

09:36 am: leekspin Road to Recovery  31 comments
12:34 pm: greatevillaugh (no subject)  16 comments
04:26 pm: halfspooky And I want a pool with a fountain and a waterslide and a boat and a motorcycle and a muscle car...  27 comments
11:40 pm: fastaskenyans CAN WE KEEP HIM, V?  11 comments
12:02 am: fastaskenyans HAPPY BIRDDAY AMURIKA  291 comments
03:03 pm: flame_flurry somewhere deep there is a heart
12:31 pm: pineapplesalmon Things are Changing... [Closed]  30 comments
10:03 pm: incurable_bev Time for some edumakatin'! [backdated]  69 comments
10:12 pm: wherenobotsgone Catching up  38 comments
05:30 pm: not_obsess3d Welcome To The Fallout.
06:46 pm: stabbywheelfeet WEE WOO WEE WOO AMBULANCE NOISES   14 comments
08:50 pm: doc_holi The new daddy, apparently  21 comments
11:00 pm: jazz_psychology (no subject)  31 comments
12:46 am: nameisnotzippy I won’t forget you as long as I am
12:11 am: incurable_bev An Early Morning Meeting
01:43 pm: wonhimself (no subject)  33 comments
03:09 pm: voice_seeker When Eric Met Beverly  21 comments
03:03 pm: ocd_reaper Restoring Proper Order  52 comments
01:32 am: drowningtadpole Like Jonah, we'll be swallowed whole...  25 comments
07:46 pm: irkenmindtrick This tidal wave of obsessive rage needing to satiate  3 comments
11:28 pm: leekspin You can make all the moves, you can aim all the spotlights!  2 comments
10:28 pm: greatevillaugh (no subject)  21 comments
09:46 am: sixthdeadliest Run, Run As Fast As You Can [OPEN]  18 comments