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red night
lets_get_rapey wrote in thewakelogs
Who: Pyramid Head and LOTS OF PEOPLE
When: NOW-ish. (If there's a pressing need to push it back, let me know; otherwise, let's get this DONE.)
Where: Southern District
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  • The Southern District had been lost.

    From the moment one drew near it, that fact was undeniable. What had once been a densely forested area teeming with plant life was now an utter wasteland. The ground was a rough, rusted metal coated with a film of fetid liquid too thick to be simple water. The buildings had either rotted away to ruins, or been transformed into something akin to a decaying industrial structure: their concrete walls oozed more of the same foul liquid, and their halls echoed with groans for which no source could be found. What trees had managed to survive the onslaught of decay were shrunken, skeletal versions of their former selves – as though all the life had been sucked out through their roots. At first glance, that may have appeared to be exactly what had happened ... until one noticed the way the bark of the trees peeled off and slid to the ground, exposing raw, bloody wounds beneath.

    The few areas that had managed to escape the destruction had not escaped by chance. They had escaped simply because the Red Pyramid had not yet been near. He had yet to stalk through the trees, searching endlessly for those deserving of PUNISHMENT.

    Chances were, those untouched areas wouldn't remain untouched for long.

    His progress was slow, but steady. His gait was much the same; a steady trudge that would be more fitting for one walking through thick mud than over steady ground. Whether he was incapable of faster movements or not was impossible to tell. After all, he had no reason to hurry.

    A twitch ran up the arm that clutched his weapon, causing rotted skin to slither off and splatter to the ground. He paid it no mind. Nor did he pay mind to the violet sheen that pulsed through what passed for his blood. The twitch of his other hand was an intentional one, ensuring that his webbed fingers still securely clutched the woman he dragged with him.

    Could he have left her behind? Of course. Did he wish to? No.

    Had he recalled the words, he might have called her "mine". Just as others whose names he had rarely known – (Nathan, Leslie, Sally) – had been his long ago.

    But he didn't recall that. All he knew was PUNISHMENT.

    And so he walked on, seeking out those who deserved it.

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    Six walked with others on the front line, scanning their surroundings for any sign of the red pyramid. As unsettling as all the destruction was, there was an advantage to the desolate wasteland: There was nowhere the creature could hide here to start an ambush.

    Of course, it was a small comfort given the level of internal discomfort.

    Though he outwardly showed no sign of it, Six found past regrets flitting on the edges of his mind. While some were more recent, some were wisps sneaking out of the dark places of his mind that he refused to look at most days. Unlike Lelouch, Six hadn't yet fully put these ghosts to rest as his older-minded self had likely done.

    He carried a sword in each hand and wore dark green body armor that covered most of his body. There was no telling what this thing would throw at them. His swords were already in his hands just in case.

    Remy was striding along with the second line, on full alert. He would rather be in the front where he usually belonged, but there were better people here at close combat and worse people here at projectiles than he was. So, he automatically agreed to the second line of defense.

    In case things went vraiment mauvais he also brought along his bo-staff.

    Keeping a sharp eye out and on full alert was mainly a distraction for himself though. He didn't feel this way when going to rescue Tamara. He felt damn sick right now and, for some damn reason, he could not get certain little images out of his damn head! Like Julian, for instance. He hated that face. He didn't want anyone else to look at him like that and he should really stop thinking that way and get his head into this.

    Te'ijal walked alongside Remy, carrying one of her larger crossbows, seemingly completely unconcerned with the mission. Inwardly... well, besides indignation at being controlled like a puppet, just on principle, she was interested to see what the puppet-master's plans were. Even after she had lost control a few days ago, nothing had seemed to change. And as nobody had noticed that she was not herself... if they were injured by her while she was controlled, it was on their own heads for not noticing.

    So Te'ijal kept pace with her assigned partner, not fighting the control, waiting to see what would happen.

    Other than the fact she was much quieter than usual, Remy didn't notice. He hardly knew her and, what he did know of her, he wasn't... completely sure of.

    So, he just kept quiet, too, darting his eyes around the perimeter and trying not to throw up. The sooner that thing was gone, the better.

    Too quickly for some, but not soon enough for Te'ijal, the black ooze monsters started appearing and making their way towards the front line. The force controlling Te'ijal made her stop and ready her bow. Just like in the battle plan. She looked at Gambit, silently ordering him to charge her arrow to explode. Inwardly, she wondered what the puppetmaster's plan was, who he was making her work for.

    Good. Distractions are good.

    He immediately reached over, finger grazing against her arrow, and it began to glow.

    Still according to plan. Did the puppetmaster intend to have the arrow explode in their faces? That would be a waste of resources.

    But that was apparently not the puppetmaster's intention, as Te'ijal found herself swiftly aiming, not at the black sludge monsters, but at the man in the green suit. A logical choice, for the enemy of Nautilus's inhabitants, as he was effective in killing and had helped organize this attack. She watched dispassionately as she released the charged arrow.

    It's a very good thing that Remy was an expert at projectile weapons AND happened to be watching at the time. He moved out a hand, blowing up the arrow in mid-air before it even got close to Six.

    "What ya doin'? Tryin' ta kill someone!?"

    Te'ijal didn't answer, not verbally. Instead, under the puppetmaster's control, she grabbed an arrow from her stock and started using it like a knife, stabbing at Remy. Inwardly, she remained calm and detached. It seemed that while she was still useful, her temporary partner wasn't.

    Skyfire hovered close to the second line, keeping his robot form for ease of movement. Having at least one flier, he'd thought, could give them an advantage. Perhaps he'd be able to warn the others of the enemies' approach before they were too close. At least, that had been his original idea.

    If the others felt just as he did now, there would be no need for any warning at all.

    It wasn't completely new to him. The Dark Aeon had latched onto his guilt, too, and it had worked. The experience wasn't any help. It didn't give him any knowledge on how to deal with this. It just made this personal.

    ... it was his own fault that Orihime was here.

    There was no way to fight that sick feeling. All he could do was keep on moving and try to do something useful for a change.

    It was difficult to define exactly what it was that alerted the Red Pyramid to the presence of others. It wasn't a noise; they were still too far for quiet warnings or footsteps – even those of a Cybertronian – to reach him. It wasn't a sign of movement, though he was capable of sight; an impressive feat, given his lack of any visible eyes. It wasn't even the sharp difference between the scent of his destruction and those wandering into it.

    No, it went far deeper than any superficial sense. 'Instinct' may have been a decent description. 'Knowing' would have been more accurate.

    He knew the GUILTY were near. Just as he knew it was his purpose to PUNISH them.

    That they willingly approached him only made this knowledge all the clearer. He would give them what they sought.

    He knew this, as surely as he knew he existed.

    The Red Pyramid halted his slow, steady walk. The massive metal helm twisted, as the steadily rotting creature searched for those whose guilt called to him.

    From what little sparse tree stumps there were left in this place, Sanji came wandering out, towards the second line. His gaze was downcast, not looking at anyone. He glanced sideways as he drew closer, towards Pyramid Head's location.

    "That guy is insanely strong..." he murmured lowly. "You won't be able to beat him. Perhaps a retreat is in order...?"

    Inside, Sanji was railing, cursing at his body. .o(No... NO! That's not ME! I mean, it is, but... I wouldn't SAY shit like this, and DAMN you, shitty body... OBEY me! What the hell is wrong!? Damn it! Let go of me...!)

    Six's stomach churned with guilt but his resolve hardened when he saw the target, pushing that guilt to the back of his mind for the moment.

    He thought he heard Sanji murmur something, but he was a bit too far away to hear it clearly. Not that it mattered for the moment.

    "Everyone ready?" he asked, not taking his eyes off of the creature before them. Instinctively, he adjusted his grip on his magna blades just a bit.

    Well. Skyfire was as ready as he could possibly get, at least. As much as he dreaded what might happen now - and that awful feeling would not go away - a part of him simply wanted to just get things over with.

    He could vaguely tell something was going on right below him, but he didn't pay much attention to that, all his sense focused on their enemy. He couldn't afford to be distracted, now. Not if he wanted to be of any help.

    He double-checked that his weapons were ready and waited for the creature to approach.

    If it was an approach the group waited for, they would be waiting for a long time yet.

    The creature's head stilled as it spotted those he sought. Although no eyes could be seen, the feeling of being watched was undeniable. The longer the Red Pyramid stared, the more the feeling intensified, until it was like insects crawling beneath skin.

    But there was more to it than that. It was a terrible knowing that slithered through the back of the mind.

    This creature knew. This creature judged.

    The Red Pyramid began to focus his JUDGEMENT. Those nearest would feel it first. What may previously have been thoughts and feelings swirling in the back of the mind would be dragged to the front, unable to be denied. Only the one belonging to the thing that had driven the Halls from their home would be spared.

    This creature knew all that they had done. And he had judged them as deserving of PUNISHMENT.

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    To Six, the guilt felt like a pressing weight that had suddenly been thrown on his back. He grit his teeth, took a deep breath, and let it out slowly.

    At the moment, there was nothing in range for him to directly attack. So for the moment, he focused on the creature before them. He sliced his blades through the air, sending out twin razor blades of wind. Not the strongest of Bending attacks against it, but at the very least he might be able to distract its attention from the stronger Benders.

    crappy late tag is both crappy and late. BUT HERE, WOOO.

    Batman was no stranger to guilt. He'd lived with it his entire life. For once, he almost counted it a blessing. He pushed past it, shoving it away from the foreground of his thoughts.

    Keeping beside Lelouch in the third wave was the best option available- having once been an Ashura. Focus was something in which Batman excelled, and though Bending was something he used little, he could do well. Right now, the priority was to stop the Red Pyramid. And that was what he turned all his thoughts and all his carefully honed will into doing.

    Lelouch's words helped Skyfire focus on something other than the increasing feeling of guilt. It took him a moment to clear his mind - as best as he could, at least.

    Then he aimed both his guns at the approaching creature and shot.

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