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This is how arachnophobia starts
it's great talking, hey there!, smile
quality_friend wrote in thewakelogs
Who: Dana, Marian, Airachnid
What: Dana takes Marian out on a tour of the Southern District, while a certain spider's on the prowl...
Where: Southern District- Food Market
When: March 3rd
Warnings: It's likely to get violent
Notes: Rescuers, please wait until someone sends a call for help to jump in!

To take Marian's mind off of the tabloid-worthy newspaper article, Dana suggested that they walk around the Southern District together, now that Marian wasn't confused over her arrival and the city wasn't under the effects of a storm.

Dana decided to start at her favorite place, the food market. Even though she'd explained the idea of people eating meat to Marian, they avoided the butcher, seafood and deli sections. It wasn't hard; they could probably spend all day there without going near anything with meat. Grocery shopping was a lot more fun, interesting, and time-consuming when you could sample as much as you liked.

They were at the fruit section; Dana figured that, living in medieval England, Marian had never tried many tropical fruits she considered common, much less the odd ones presumably from different worlds. She picked up a star fruit and held it out to Marian. "Like the look of this one?"

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Marian looks at the fruit in Dana's hand curiously before cautiously taking it from her hand and looking it over, somewhat perplexed.

"What is it? I don't think I have ever seen anything like it before."

She sniffs at the fruit a bit, not quite willing to try and take a bite out of it.

Dana smiles. "It's called a starfruit. They're tropical, I think. Not something you find growing in England, naturally."

She looks around for a knife, then remembers. Bending. And she's especially good at cutting. "Want some help cutting that open? It's easier to smell like that."

Marian spends another few moments examining it from every angle that she can, before holding it out to let Dana take it back.

"That would be good, because honestly... I have no idea where to start..." She does however, look a little skeptical "... Are you sure it's even edible?"

She takes it and holds it flat in her palm briefly. Her hand glows briefly, and the fruit gets cut neatly in half, with a nice star-shaped cross-section.

She holds one half out to Marian. "Try starting with one of the star points," she says, then demonstrates by taking a bite herself. The taste was sour, but with a fair amount of sweetness, enough that she didn't pucker up.

She looks a little startled at Dana's display of bending, having never seen anyone cut anything like that before... Marian had been under the impression that one could only make things, not use it in such a manner.

Taking the offered fruit she sniffs at the freshly cut side and then cautiously takes a small nibble from one of the points, making a slight face at the taste. It would seem that tart things are not something that she likes all that much.

"Well.... it's ...interesting." She does attempt to take another taste, with much the same results as before, and has to admit "... I can't say that I care for it much... it isn't bad... but..."

Rescuers, comment here!

Between her emotional state, the thickness of the webbing, and a nasty crack she got on the head when she was slammed into the wall, it took Dana ten minutes to cut herself free. By then, Airachnid and Marian were long gone.

For an instant, she just stood there, shaking with rage and self-disappointment, then she looked around for her phone, or Marian's mirror- anything she could use to call for help. She almost gave up, but then she spotted a small object covered in webbing, not far from the building where Airachnid had perched.

She cut enough of the webbing off to confirm that it was her phone, then concentrated on sending an alert to her emergency contact list. As long as it still worked, she could clean the rest off later; right now, raising the alarm was most important.

It doesn't take Batman long to make it to the food market and survey the scene of Airachnid's obvious handiwork.

"What happened?" He knows who did it, and he's got a good guess as to why. It's the how he wants to know.

Dana looked shocked to see Batman; she hadn't expected anyone to show up so quickly. "How- did you get here?"

Then his question registered. "Airachnid- she must've been spying on us. She grabbed my phone so I couldn't call for help, grabbed Marian, webbed me to the wall... She headed west."

Skyfire is pretty fast to arrive, too, and he transforms back into his root mode as he lands at a safe distance. It's a relief to see he is not the only one there.

"... Dana. Are you all right?"

And next up is Spidey, who unfortunately was a bit delayed by the fact that there weren't quite as many tall buildings to webswing from. The only real announcement of his arriving is a metallic ping as he leapt off a nearby rooftop and landed on the side of a street light. And stayed there, apparently perfectly capable of clinging to the side and staring down at the assembled group (except for you, Skyfire, you're a little...big to be entirely in his field of vision right now). The webbing still on the wall where Dana had been stuck helped bring him up to speed on what might've happened.

"Lemme guess. You got a visit from tall dark and gruesome?"

Batman listens to the story with growing distaste. Airachnid was about as petty as they came, and as short tempered. The upside was that she also liked attention, and she wouldn't make a drastic move on Marian until she got it.

He notes the arrival of the others, though he doesn't acknowledge their presence right away. Something more pressing has caught his attention. It isn't hard to notice Dana's not at her best. Her breathing, the delay in her response time... "You're injured."

Re: Rescuers, comment here!

She didn't know what had happened - the only thing she knew was that Dana was in trouble. That was enough for her. Once she found out where Dana was, she was immediately heading out there. She'd never met Marian, but she saw mention of her in the paper (the tabloid rag section, really). She could ask questions about what exactly happened once she was sure Dana was all right.

Dana's head still hurts from getting banged against the wall, and Bending, worry, and answering questions over and over hasn't helped. So she's not the most coherent right now, or controlled. When Circe appears, she just throws herself at the other girl in a hug and tries not to cry.

[Danny approaches at a run, Fenton Anti-Creep StickTM in hand. He hesitates when Dana moves in to hug Circe, not sure he wants to interrupt that. He swallows, then quietly calls out to her.]

Dana, you okay? What happened here?

Yerp! Circe didn't expect that, but when she sees how upset Dana is, she returns the hug awkwardly, quietly furious about the situation. But Dana was okay.

Danny's approach gets a cautious glance, but she loosens the hug enough to let Dana pull away if she wants to. She'll even helpfully supply some of the information. "I think she's all right. Do you know someone named Marian, or Airachnid?"

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