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Just a spoon full of some soup
Unmasked: silhouette
fastaskenyans wrote in thewakelogs
Who: Sanji, Alice, V, and Wally. Possibly Haibara and Orihime. :>
What: Making soup!
When: Friday night!
Where: The Fibonacci museum
Warnings: None? Sanji swearing?

Wally didn't just look decidedly miserable, he felt decidedly miserable. No matter how many blankets he had curled under (his sheets, his comforter, his fuzzy Flash blanket replica from home, the spare one he usually kept slung over his chair), he still couldn't keep the chills away. And chills always left Wally feeling pathetic and sick.

He wished his aunt Iris were here. The few times he did get sick as a kid? She was the one who dropped everything to take care of him, and after they married, Barry would too. Wally curled deeper into the couch, his tea now done, wishing his head would stop throbbing, and wishing he could have his uncle's famous chicken soup.

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There really is only one thing to do, when someone is sick. At least, if you’re a hedge-witch. After all, what is soup other than a particularly hearty potion? When people are sick, they don’t want to take medication. Better to give them something favorable and savory; something they might actually what to eat. Although… Alice isn’t under the particular opinion that Wally was the sort to turn down foodstuffs.

Alice has kept the kitchen well stocked, and once convinced that her meddling would be welcome, doesn’t hesitate to go down stairs and get the soup started. Frozen chicken stock that she made and kept for just this sort of purpose is first in the pot, along with water and salt. She then dices and adds fresh rosemary, sage, and basil, and sets that all to simmering as she starts skinning potatoes.

Chicken noodle soup? Naw. She’s making chicken and vegetable soup with dumplings. And enough for everyone in the house while she’s at it. Alice can always freeze any left over soup.

Sanji finds his way to the museum easily enough, and lets himself in. He can smell something already cooking... the hint of herbs and spices in the air. He certainly hoped Wally hadn't decided to try cooking after all, in his muddled state.

Entering the kitchen, he was happily surprised to see a lady in there, the makings of a fine soup already in progress.

"Ah! Hello, my dear miss! What a pleasant surprise it is to meet you." He bowed grandly, Bending up a rose to hold out to her. "May I have the honor of having your name?"

He'd get around to cooking some stuff up himself. Right now, though, there was a pretty girl to get introduced to!

Rather than join the others in his small (and soon to be crowded) kitchen, V loitered in what could be considered the Gallery’s living room. He had wandered off earlier, for no more fifteen minutes, and returned with half a dozen records in his hands. He sat quietly on one arm of the couch Wally was on, reading the summaries on the set’s sleeves.

Quiet, Please. Inner Sanctum. Lights Out. Several episodes of each, and the others? Full-length features, from Welles and Wayne.

“Are you at all improved?” The dramatist didn’t look over as he inquired, but the question wasn’t one indifferently asked. “You seemed to be sleeping very soundly, if only for a short time.”

Wally didn't react to V's comment at first. His processing time really was slow for him. He blinked and turned his head to the man in the mask.

"I don't feel improved," he grumbled, still mostly buried in his pile of blankets. "I feel like an old person who can't stay awake for a movie."

He blinked heavily and looked toward the kitchen, where Alice and Sanji were already starting to cook.

"Are they really making soup in there?" Wally hadn't expected anyone to make it for him. It still surprised him, a little bit.

Alice isn’t particularly surprised to see Sanji; with her empathy barriers reduced enough to be able to keep track of who is in the building, she was able to tell that someone was coming into the kitchen, even if she doesn’t know him at all. Wally's misery is like a dull ache on her senses, but that's just one more reason to help him get well sooner. She finishes peeling the potato in her hand and sets it and the peeler down on the cutting board, and wipes her hands briefly on a hand towel before accepting the rose.

“Oh, um, it is nice to meet you.” She smiles, rather amused. Sure, she doesn’t go out of her way to meet new people, but she does rather like attention. She steps to the sink and fills a glass with water to place the rose, as she answers, “ I’m Alice Hartsen. And you are…?

It would be rude to add the rose to the soup, though it is a nice reminder to the hedge-witch that she wants to include rosehips in the brew. And dandelion leaves. Vitamin C and all that.

"Ahhh, Alice. Such a beautiful name~! ♥" He smiled and bowed. "My name is Sanji. I am very honored to meet you."

He straightened up, his expression turning serious as he wandered towards the stove, sniffing the air and peeking into the pot. "mmm... I see you've made some wonderful progress on the meal. It looks very good, so far. I dare not interrupt another's cooking. Is there anything I can do to help?"

“You don’t sound it, either,” Although he did not move much, V looked over as Wally turned to him, bodily attitude casual (but for the time between ‘I would’ and ‘otherwise,’ when he sat very straight). “Or look it, while I’m being blunt, but I’m glad you’ve got the energy to complain. I would be worried, otherwise.” The tone of the admission was one to evoke elevated eyebrows and a face too straight to take too seriously, though the mask stayed still.

The revolutionary resumed shuffling the sleeves he held, pausing only to ask, “Would it help to tell you the alternatives I have on hand are from ‘well before your time’?” and answer, “It certainly seems so, though I couldn’t say what sort. I’ve yet to step in and start snooping, being about my own business.”

"Yeah, but we've already established that you're ancient," mumbled Wally. He wriggled under his blankets, pulling himself into a sitting position. Well, at least it made his head throb in a different spot. Preparation for when he tried to get up next!

Crap. Now he really wanted to know. "Somebody needs to start snooping."

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