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A Flower For the Ladies of Nautilus~! ♥
anything you say Nami-swan~! ♥
spiral_brow wrote in thewakelogs
Ah, February... the month of ~romance~! ♥ Even though it's a good week before Valentine's Day, Sanji was struck with an urge to deliver flowers to all the ladies of Nautilus. All he'd met, certainly, and any other beautiful ladies he happened across. Just his luck, too, that the Southern District seemed full of blooms, today; he wouldn't even have to Bend up any!

Gathering armfuls of flowers, he started out across the Districts (just skirting the border of the West - he doubted any ladies would dare enter that dangerous place! But just in case, he strayed near...), a hop to his step, and a wide smile on his face.

[ooc: Any ladies who would like a random flower from Sanji, please tag this post. :3 Prose or [Action] tags are completely fine. ^__^]

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You know I just can't pass this up.

[Nicci found herself walking the city. It felt strange being here, knowing that her home was on the verge of destruction, but she couldn't deny that she was starting to settle in here, if only a little.]

[She found a place to sit, deciding to practice Bending. She was still working on getting her magic back.]

[Sanji would spot her with a softly glowing ball of light hovering over a hand, her expression a mix between bored, tired, and concentrating.]

[Sanji wandered along the path, attracted by the glowing light. What was causing it? His expression brightened as he saw her, quickening his step a little.] Ahh... Miss Nicci! How are you feeling today? Are you settling in well? [He glanced at the ball of light, curiously.] How wonderous! Is this a special talent of yours, Miss Nicci... back in your home?

[He fingered through the small bouquet he held in his left hand, then held out a daphne odora.] A flower, for the pretty lady... [His smile grew a little wider.] Though the sweetness of its fragrance pales in comparison to your sweet countenance, my lady.

[ooc: daphne odora = desire to please, sweets to the sweet]

/forever late! I'm so sorry this is so late. Oh, and you're so evil. XD

[She sighed and let the light disappear.] Hello, Sanji.

[She let him ask his questions, waiting to answer until all were out.] I am feeling well, and settling in well. could say it is. It is magic, a small projection of my Han.

[She glanced at him when offered a flower. A part of her thought to refuse, so as not to lead him into thinking there might be any kind relationship between them, but she also felt compelled to accept. She took the floor and gave it a light sniff.]

Thank you, Sanji. It's beautiful.

[Dana's making the rounds of Nautilus, now heading to the Southern District Welcome House, arms full of baskets of flowers.]

[Action, and I am a glutton for punishment... ^.^; XD]

[Sanji was stepping outside of the Welcome House, having gathered some flowers to give around to the ladies of Nautilus, when he saw Dana coming his way.] Miss Dana! What a pleasant surprise to see you!

[Still grinning, he pulled out a flower from his bouquet, holding it out to her.] A beautiful white rose, to match your purity and your kindness, Miss Dana.

[She smiles when she sees him and starts rummaging through the baskets.]

Sanji! Great to see you! I've got a flower for you, too...

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[Then she hears the rest of what he says, and gets a good look at his flower.]

[And memories come back. Of Ratboy, and the sewers. Being followed. Stalked. Finding out he'd killed others, and was going to kill her.]

[And the sense of betrayal, when a flower that looked just like that had led her into Ratboy's hands.

["You're just going to keep me here, like one of these flowers?"]

[And rage, now.]

I'm not like that flower. I never will be. I won't even pretend.

[Knocking the flower from his hand and preparing to grind it into the ground.]

Ah! A flower for me? Oh, Miss Dana... my heart sings that you think I'm worthy enough of you to bestow a flower upon..! ♥

[He trails off a little, at the expression on her face. That didn't look good at all. Usually, ladies's faces lit up in delight, upon receiving a flower. They didn't look... sad, or scared, or...]

[And then he was wincing, cringing even... shrinking back a little and lowering the hand that held the rose under Dana's fury. He doesn't even register the stinging of his hand, as the flower is slapped from it, and he swallows a little, before getting down on his knees. He fumbles with the bouquet for a second, before pulling out a red geranium and holding it out to her.]

Please, forgive me, Miss Dana! I never meant to upset you! Please let me make amends, to show you that I am worthy of your friendship...

[ooc: scarlet geranium = Comforting, Stupidity... make of that what you will. XD Also, 'fish geranium' (I'm not sure how to tell the difference; a Google search shows the same stuff) is "disappointed expectation". Whatever you want to play with. :)]

[Rose destroyed; now she has her back turned and won't turn her head, even when speaking. Getting ready to storm off.]

Save it for someone who likes being spied on.

[She's glowing slightly, because she's got her shields up. If Sanji tries to touch her, he'll get a shock.]

[Okay, that definitely felt like a slug to the gut. Thank goodness Dana's back was turned, so she didn't see Sanji's chagrined, guilty wince. He hadn't meant any harm by his attempts at peeping on the group at the spa. How could he have resisted that temptation, though?]

I... I'm sorry, Miss Dana. I didn't mean any harm... seriously! It's just... well... this Legato on the loose, and all... I was just looking out for your safety and all!

[Well, the flower seems to be affecting him a bit, at least. Could he put his foot in his mouth any further? Probably. He gets back onto his feet, then backs up a little.] Please do forgive me, Miss Dana...

I've had enough of stalkers "looking out" for me. I'd have better chances by myself.

[And now she's actually storming away. Very fast. She needs to go home and calm down, very badly.]

But I'm not a stalker! I'd never do anything to hurt you!

[He looks on, rather distraught, as Dana marches off. Well, that didn't go well at all. Sanji didn't know how he had messed up so badly. What did he do wrong? Maybe... Dana wasn't the type that liked flowers at all? No... there was something more to it, but for whatever reason, he couldn't think of anything at the moment. Frowning, he tossed the bouquet he'd gathered into a nearby bush. Maybe it was a bad group of flowers? He still felt the need to go and deliver flowers to people... he'd just have to be a bit more careful about what flowers he picked, maybe. Make sure they were fresh, and smelled sweet, and... well... not whatever it was that made Dana so mad at him.]

[He had to make it up to Dana, somehow... apologize, somehow... but HOW? Well, maybe he should just give her some space, for now, and then... maybe some chocolate? Or cake? Something she liked... He had never wanted to upset a lady, like he did just then.]

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