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[Semi-Open!] Time to find the first bomb!
[Update] Thinking hold the fucking phone
princeofpuzzles wrote in thewakelogs
Who: All of those previously looking for the first clue.
Where: Southern District, abandoned building.
When: The wee-early-morning hours of December 26th
What: Our heroes have found the first clue leading them here to find a nice little trap.
Notes: This is going to run differently than the first. Here we have a death-trap. Your characters can go ahead and try and make a move across it, and I will respond with whether they are correct or incorrect in their actions, and the consequences. Or they can try and bend it away, but remember that the Riddler will do whatever he can to make sure they do this without bending ... Otherwise they can talk amongst themselves to try and figure it out.

From the outside it looked perfectly normal, just another house, albeit quite large, in the forest streets of the Southern District. Inside, however, was a completely different story. The floor was covered in tiles about one square-foot each in size, save for a few feet from the entrance where our heroes could stand around. Each tile had a number on it, ranging from 1 to 100 scattered randomly about. A closer examination of the tiles would show arcs of electricity running across some of them quickly before disappearing. On the other side of the room on a small pedestal was a box. Perhaps their prize, perhaps not, but likely something they needed. It looked as though they would have to cross the tiles to grab it.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important piece to note, was a little carving on the floor before the tiles. It was the same symbol as on the note that lead them here, as well as a couple words, "tread carefully."

Looks like our friends are in for a bit of a puzzle. And the results could be fatal.

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Six scowled at the electrified tile floor. He'd been electrocuted once before and had a near-death experience because of it. He'd rather not repeat the whole scenario.

He looked down at the symbol, trying to make some sense of the strange spiral. He didn't lack intelligence but riddles weren't his strong suit.

[[ I knew that electrified Gwen icon would come in hand-- wait... ]]

"It's never a straight and simple shot to the prize at the end of the cereal box, is it." Gwen folded her arms, staring levelly at the floor. Were some of those tiles not connected to the grid?

She scanned the tiles again - maybe some of the numbers didn't have the current running through them.

Sanji frowned as he looked down at the tiles, and the electricity arcing over a couple of them. He folded his arms against his chest, glaring down at the tiles as if they could somehow provide the answer. "Those numbers have to mean something..." he muttered lowly. Why else would they be there? Unless it was just a red herring. He then lifted his head, scanning the rest of the room. "...Would we be able to cross the room by sticking to the ceiling, somehow? Or the walls?"

[[OOC: Mind if I cut in? I think I have it figured out, but I'm not sure how easy Steph would come to the solution]]

Steph wishes she had her Batgirl suit, it's insulated against elecricity and she'd be able to cross the floor without coming to any harm. Unless the electricty wasn't the only trap.

At Sanji's suggestion, she looks thoughtful, "We could try it, but who's to say it isn't electrified as well?"

It's better to figure out the riddle, she thinks, "Does anyone know anything about that shape?"

(Deleted comment)
((OOC: Some days it's frustrating to play this character. The math nerd in me was like "OMG FIBONACCI...CRAP, SIX PROBABLY WOULDN'T KNOW THAT." OTL))

It made logical sense for an upper-level Bender to go first since they'd be better able to protect themselves. Still, his paranoia told him that the Riddler might expect that.

Riddles weren't his specialty, but being paranoid about enemy action definitely was.

"Your being able to teleport away in case of trouble is useful, but the Riddler might've figured out some way to use teleportation as a trigger in order to keep people from simply appearing next to the goal," Six said, putting a hand to his chin in thought. "We could try testing the tiles with a thrown object first then Unmake the ones that are wrong. That way we have a path marked out to follow. Unmaking a physical object he might not have expected since why would we want to Unmake the goal?"

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Fibonacci sounded more like a sort of pasta than sequence of numbers to Suzaku's ear but he could understand just about everything else. He scanned the floor, watching for any other sort of obvious traps. If he knew which tiles were safe then perhaps Lelouch would be safe if there was teleportation involved.

But Six's words worried him. If teleportation was a trigger, Lelouch might get trapped. Or worse.

"I can also teleport but you've got a point. Testing the tiles might take some time but that is the safest. I can also try crossing this myself without using teleportation or flying. Just to be on the safe side. I am a soldier after all," he said. He did not dare to dart out ahead without warning. This wasn't a simple automated machine gun he was up against this time and being in Nautilus meant a whole slew of unknowns. It was too risky to try uninvited and without strategy with so many people involved.

Lelouch's explanation of it being a math equation almost missed Ben, but he'd been able to understand it well enough. Ben stood beside the others as he thought about a solution.
Sanji had suggested avoiding the floor all together, which he and Gwen could do without any issue. Six however, had made a valid point that other methods of crossing might trigger something worse.

“I’m with Six on this one. We don’t know what could happen if we don’t play the game the Riddler’s way.”

Ben was being cautious and careful for once. Too many people could be hurt if he just went charging in half cocked this time. He stepped beside Lelouch and began cycling the playlist of the Ultimatrix hoping he’d unlocked something else. Ben really didn’t want to have anyone try to cross the floor of doom.

“There’s got to be something in here that can help us test the floor”

[OOC: I thought about using Echo Echo to test the floor? For those of you unfamiliar, he’s an alien who can create expendable clones. So Ben could send them on a suicide mission to test the floor. Or does that take the fun out of things?]

"Right. If he's really been here for a long time, he has to have prepared for people who have abilities to cross the room without touching the floor." Frankly probably half of the room had some way of crossing without touching the tiles. Teleportation, Flight, Crossing on mana, The power of Awesome - not to mention ways of getting the box back here. They couldn't spend too much time debating and thinking about it though.

"We don't have much time - here." She didn't have any marbles or anything, but she did have a shoe! "Lelouch? Where were you going to step? I'll toss my shoe on the tile - if it doesn't blow up in our faces, I think it'll be safe to assume we can step on the tiles you mark as safe."

Hey, they were looking for something to test the tile. She was willing to sacrifice her footwear in lieu of an actual person. Don't look at her like that, Ben. She didn't want you sacrificing your echo echos either.

Sanji glanced over at Lelouch as the man spoke, and furrowed his brow. He had no idea what the man was talking about. "You know this... Fibonacci thing? Solidly? One misstep, and you'll be instantly barbecued." He frowned more, lighting up a cigarette, teeth clamped tight around the filter. "Why do we have to play his game? Do you really think he'd booby-trap all other methods of getting across? All this discussion is just eating up more time. If this Fibonacchi thing doesn't work, is there any way we could shut the electricty off?"

Damn it... he was the wrong Straw Hat for this. Luffy had shrugged off a lightning bolt back at Loguetown... Sanji straightened up sharply. Wait. Could that work? "Do we have any solid rubber, here?"

Steph nodded at Lelouch's explanation, she knew she recognized the symbol more than just being a nautilus, but it'd been a while since she'd done any proper mathematics.

She listened to the rest of the conversation without contributing, everyone was saying what needed to be said, although if they kept talking instead of doing, she was probably going to get impatient and test it out herself. She spoke up at Sanji's question, "Not on me. I think we're best going with Gwen's suggestion of testing it, then trying the Fibonacci sequence."

(Deleted comment)
Wordlessly, Six took the cube and went to the edge of the tiled area, placing it in the specified tile. He was cautious not to let his fingers touch the floor in the process. Instead, he let the cube drop from about two feet high as a test of not just weight but also impact.

Sanji cursed inwardly, and blew out a frustrated stream of smoke as he watched the others start to test the tiles. Forced to play by the rules, to ensure that the innocent ladies (and everyone else) stayed safe. He could understand Lelouch's point, easily... and agreed with it... it was just frustrating to play his game, by his rules. Sanji managed a faint, wry smirk. This guy'd make a decent pirate. And here he was, practically forced into playing the role of law-abiding Marine, to ensure the ladies with him weren't put at risk. How ironic.

That trail of thought brought up some issues he'd been slightly concerned about, since arriving at Nautilus, and he glanced about at the group he was with. "...A psycho like this, roaming free... You clearly have a jail. Why isn't he behind bars? I can't imagine it would be that easy to hide in a city like this... Are there any laws to this place? Any Marines? Don't you actively go out hunting for those that would... live 'outside of the law'...?" he put forth tentatively.

.o(Or are there too many of you 'justice' types, for those who would consider living 'outside of the law', to even think of speaking up...?)

For one fragile moment, certainly it must have seemed like forever for our heroes, the block fell. It landed on the tile before it, a large and simple "1", depressing the weight only slightly and yet causing no ill effects.

However, it was rubber after all, and rubber doesn't like to stay in one place when it has a whole room to explore. It bounced across a "12" and a "53", triggering sparks on each respective tile, before finding its home on the edge of a "98," a continuous arc fluttering about it.

Well, looks like they know which one to go to first.

Ben breathed a sigh of relief after the cube stopped bouncing. He'd thought for sure that it would trigger something fatal. It seemed that electricity was the only problem at the moment.

Without waiting for instruction from the others he stepped onto the tile numbered "1". Ben wasn't going to let anyone else risk their life if he could do this. He knew Gwen probably wouldn't like it, but he did it anyway. Wasn't she the one always telling him the Ultimatrix didn't make him a hero? He glanced over his shoulder at Lelouch.

"What's the next tile?"

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Rubber..maybe not the best of materials to use as far as bouncing all over creation goes. But at least it wasn't a superball and it didn't take anyone's eye out, and it did accomplish the goal they set for it. Good boy, rubber ball.

"Sanji has a point," Gwen mused, "Isn't that why Nautilus has people like the Ashura and Angelii? To keep people like that Riddler guy from threatening innocent people?" Not to mention Nautilus itself. "I can't imagine that no one ever tried to capture him." There had to be more to it than that.

"A - BEN!" Gwen tensed in alarm, holding her breath when her cousin stepped forward. She was half expecting to hear things she didn't want to hear, but when Ben didn't convulse and collapse and die, thus proving the theory that rubber balls and now man can both walk on the tile safely, she exhaled silently.

Damnit Ben. She'd say don't be so rash, but then you wouldn't be you. Warily she followed after him, glancing towards Lelouch and the others.

"If the jail here can hold him, you're welcome to try locking him up," Steph shrugged lightly, Arkham had never been able to keep the Riddler, and now he apparently has powers thanks to Bending; something Steph still wasn't quite sure she understood.

When Ben stepped forward and Gwen shouted, Steph held her arm out in front of Gwen, worried she'd try to follow Ben and both of them might end up fried, but when nothing happened to Ben she dropped her arm back to her side. She wasn't exactly pleased that Ben had stepped out before Lelouch or Suzaku could, but it'd been too late to do anything about that.

"Two is next." It had taken her a while to remember what exactly what the Fibonacci sequence was, but she'd worked it out now.

"We had a justice system bu-" Suzaku started to say when Ben suddenly stepped out onto the first tile. When Steph spoke up, he made a leap to the second tile to place himself ahead of the younger male.

"Whoa, that was dangerous," he said, turning back to face Ben. It was in his nature to be protective and as rash as Suzaku was, he wasn't the type to let others be just as reckless.

"Are you crazy? If you missed it you could have died!"

Well so could Ben, but he'd made up his mind already. They didn't need everyone to risk their lives for this. It was impossible for Suzaku to turn back now, and there was no way anyone could get Ben to turn back. At least they could watch out for eachother this way.

"Alright you lead, I'm right behind you."

He looked over his shoulder again.

"What next?"

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(Deleted comment)
Sanji glanced over at Gwen out of the corner of his eye, and smirked a little. That wasn't exactly the point of his questioning, but if they believed that, all the better. "I've no interest in chasing criminals. It's only because this asshole is threatening the ladies of Nautilus that I'm here."

He tensed up as Ben stepped onto the tile, only to relax then tense again, about to put an arm out to stop Gwen himself, when Stephanie beat him to it. "Please, Miss Gwen. Do not endanger yourself when there are perfectly good guinea pigs to do this instead."

He took a step back, then looked over at Lelouch as the man spoke, nodding imperceptably. Well, that was good news for him. Both in that there was no set justice system in place, and - more importantly - they didn't hold the actions one did in their home world against them. Not that Sanji planned on causing any trouble here... aside from perhaps kicking the ass of this jerk, and any other idiots who crossed him. There really wasn't much for a pirate to do in a place like this... where gold and money held no meaning. It was a relief to know, though, that he wouldn't be chased down and arrested simply for being a pirate, from the sound of things. He was proud of what he was, and the crew he sailed with (despite being highly aggrivated by them, at the same time), dammit!

He drew in a breath, letting out another thin stream of smoke as he thought. "Can you bend up more of those rubber blocks? Or maybe thin discs? Like coasters? We can set them down on the tiles we know are safe."

As soon as Sanji suggested it, Six had a set of six of these "coasters" in his hands, ready to make more as the need arose. He stepped cautiously forward, setting the first down on the "one" square. Then another in the "two" square.

"Excuse me," he told Suzaku, glancing about before carefully stepping into the "three" and setting down another marker. "Next?"

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"Five, eight, thirteen, then twenty one," She'd pased briefly as she gave the answers, doing the math in her head -- she doesn't remember the fibonacci sequence itself, just how to calculate it.

She made no move to join them on the electrified field, too many people could make it more dangerous and she didn't want to get in the way.

(Deleted comment)
Generally, Gwen was a bit calmer and more level-headed. When it came to her cousin being reckless and putting himself in danger though? Caution = Out the window. Although not so much that she would be rude enough to shove past Stephanie and Sanji both. Unless Ben actually had gotten hurt. Then all bets were off.

"Guinea pigs?" She echoed to Sanji, an eyebrow arching. Pff, that was no way to think of your allies, Sanji! Shame Shame. But with Ben, Suzaku and Six already moving into position, it just made Gwen nervous, until Lelouch spoke up. "Thank you!" At least someone said it - it was ridiculous. Heroes protecting heroes. She'd have laughed if it wasn't such a serious situation. "There's not much room on those tiles as it is - be careful guys."

It was true though, they didn't need - everyone - to cross. "So ... five, eight, thirteen, twenty one. Stephanie, you seem to know the Riddler the best - there isn't any possibility of him leaving a trap for people after they get there, or the ones waiting here, is there?"

Like, oh, saying 'screw the rules' and electrifying all the tiles ever when they get that box.

Sanji glanced to Lelouch, agreeing with his words. There were getting to be too many people out on that floor now. He tapped the toe of his shoe anxiously against the ground, flicking his eyes to Gwen briefly, then looked back at the group crossing the tiles. "Oi, Ben!" he called out. "Do you - or any of you louts on the tiles right now - have any idea how to disarm a bomb...?" he asked dryly. IF that was the bomb on the other side of the room. If not, this was starting to become REALLY annoying. "If you don't, step off, and leave this to those that do. This isn't the time or place for pointless heroics."

"I have," Six said, moving forward on the appropriate tiles. "Just make sure I'm going where I need to."

Suzaku was lucky but perhaps this was just too lucky. Any wrong move now would certainly not take him lightly. He could see Lelouch was concerned and more than a little bit irritated with him so he made a motion to say that he would not move unless the tiles were deemed safe by him. He easily made room for Six and then turned back towards Sanji.

"I also have experience as well as long as I know which wires to disable," he called back. Lelouch was very good at determining that and he had faith that Six did as well. "

He then caught up to Six, remaining on the thirteenth so that he didn't jostle Six.

Okay, so maybe he hadn't thought this through. Ben really didn't have any idea how to disarm a bomb, that was usually Kevin's department. Still, he didn't say anything about it since he had other abilities that might help the situation.

He followed behind Suzaku, taking note of the conversations happening behind them. Gwen had a good point. What if this was all some sort of elaborate trap. He scanned the floor and walls around the people at the door. Nothing seemed out of place, but this was Nautilus, anything could happen.

"I honestly don't know, Gwen. Usually he'll play by the rules he's set, but I wouldn't discount him having something up his sleeve." She wished she knew more, but it'd been too long since she'd actually gone against the Riddler.

She watched their conversation and movements, speaking up once they were ready for the next numbers, "Thirty-four, fifty-five, then eighty-nine." That should lead them close enough to the bomb, they weren't any more numbers of the sequence lower than one hundred.

She knew how to disarm a bomb, but didn't bother speaking up for now. Six and Suzaku seemed confidant enough, and she could always go across if she was needed.

"Then I'll stay back and keep an eye on things here. In case we need to secure an escape out of the room." Gwen said. As much as she wanted to stay near Ben in case something happened, she could recognize when it was more logical to make sure they can get out quickly if necessary. What if the entire place was rigged?

"Just be careful - Ben, stay alert!" Gwen called as an added warning, restlessly shifting her weight by the door.

I'm guessing we should wait for the Riddler so we know what we're dealing with. XD;

Six followed the next sequence of numbers, setting down a new marker on each square just in case. He examined the pedestal carefully along with the object resting on it.

Was it a bomb or was it their next clue?

(Deleted comment)
Suzaku then advanced with Lelouch's confirmation, being extremely cautious now. He had to be close enough to both Ben and Six to be able to teleport them to safety in the case that the clue - or something else in the area - was rigged. At the same time, he had to get close enough to see the intention of the Bending pattern. It was a risky gamble but he had confidence that his reflexes would be fast enough. He had dodged bullets and escaped explosions and survived enough times....

He advanced towards the object, resting a hand on Six's shoulder as he examined the object with the Sight.


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